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Thread: not lodging of F.I.R in Police Stations

  1. not lodging of F.I.R in Police Stations

    hello! i am a new member of R.T.I...I believe I can enrich my knowledge by having healhy discussions here......My 1st query is regarding not lodging of F.I.R in Police Stations...Our 'doodhvala' bhaiya made savings for yrs to buy a small tempo worth Rs 1,50,000/- ...But with in a few days of purchase it was stolen...Now that poor man has been takin rounds of Police station for another 1 month but they still have not lodged his F.I.R....he has spent additional 10,000Rs looking for it...tell me what should be my 1st step??? With your directions i might be sucessful in helping that poor man.....

    Shivali Nanda

  2. Hello Shivali Nanda,
    Welcome to RTI India. Regarding your query on FIR, the Police can refuse to register the FIR only in non-cognizable offences. In all cognizable offences it is mandatory on the part of the police station to register the FIR. However, if the Police Station refuses to register the FIR, a complaint shall be made to the senior police officer. The complaint can be made to the Concerned Circle Officer, Addl. SP or the Superintendent of Police of the concerned District. These officers will get the FIR registered and investigated. In case you are hailing from a big city like Mumbai, the police department web site may have a provision of lodging a complaint through internet. If such a facility is available in your place, you can make use of the same to report the case of stolen vehicle.

    I wish you good luck in your endeavour.

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  3. Welcome to RTI India Shivali,
    First i would like to congratulate for taking up a noble cause for helping a man in need. i am just jotting down some points which came to my mind. Ganpat has given a good start about how to go about lodging a FIR. You can send a copy of FIR by registered post with a copy to superintendent of police. Keep the slip as proof of having send the FIR.
    Apart from that just think aboutt following
    1. Was his tempo was taken on loan?
    2. Was the loan came with a insurance clause?
    3. If not has he himself taken a auto insurance loan?

    You can read about FIR more here:
    First Information Report (FIR) -

    Good Luck

  4. Thank you maneesh for this nice piece of information on FIR. This link really helps a lot.

  5. Thankyou Mr.Ganpat and Mr. Maneesh. I have already asked him to give me the details. I'll shortly talk to senior police officers. And Maneesh you js said that i should send a copy of F.I.R to Supritendent Of Police...Coud you pls tell me wat help wd that do once F.I.R is already lodged? and i'll surely enquire abt his insurance or loans clauses...Thanks for you help...

  6. Pls help..

    I'v another query...I'd won 1st prize in painting 3 yrs ago organised by Amity school of Fine Arts according to which i was to be given certificate n cash prize of 5000Rs..But till now i'v not received my due inspite of several promises made by them...Its been 3 yrs now...Should i file a case against them in consumer court? Pls tell what i must do...

    Shivali Nanda

  7. Hello Shivali,
    Contacting the SP Police would have been for speedy lodging of FIR. Once it has been launched the law should take it's own course.

    Further you had requested another query regarding non receipt of prize, ideally it should be started as new topic, or else it would eat up the purpose of this thread.

    However, this subject is beyond the purview of this portal and we would primarily focus on subjects related to RTI.

    Thank You for understanding.


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