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Thread: Now, a Lok Adalat for civic issues

  1. Now, a Lok Adalat for civic issues

    Hyderabad, March 12: A permanent Lok Adalat to settle disputes over public utility services was set up at the metropolitan criminal courts at Nampally. There will be no court charges, applicants may move the lok adalat with an application on plain paper with copies of documents, and its verdict will be final. Applicants do not need a lawyer but can hire one.

    The lok adalat headed by judge K. Ashok Babu is located in the mediation centre, third floor, Nampally criminal courts complex. The adalat will settle disputes on transport of passengers or goods by air, road or water, posts, telegraph, telephone; supply of power, light or water to the public by any establishment, system of public conservancy or sanitation; service in hospital or dispensary; insurance service; banking and other financial institutions. The lok adalat will have jurisdiction over disputes regarding utility services where the value of property in dispute does not exceed Rs 10 lakhs and does not involve non-compoundable offences.

    Judge Ashok Babu said, "All persons having disputes related to public utility services may file application for pre-litigation, conciliation and settlement of their disputes without payment of any court fee or charges." "Even where the parties fail to reach an agreement, the lok adalat will decide the disputes on merit by passing an award which will be final and binding on all parties."

    Deccan Chronicle - Indian Newspapers in English Language from Secunderabad

  2. I hope one day we will have CYBER ADALATS where people can file complain and appear before court from the offices and homes through internet and video cameras or may be special witness kisok made for this special purpose. This will save a lot of time and encourage productivity.

  3. Amen to that!


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