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Thread: How can RTI help me?

  1. Question How can RTI help me?

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    I have applied for my Provident fund claim pertaining to the period I worked for a company in Delhi. Till date the Provident fund office <Delhi> was not accepting the form, as the company had not submitted the money for past few years. Lately few of the ex-employees have applied and received their claims.
    I have applied for the claim in the month of November 2006. I received a copy of letter sent by the Delhi PF office to Bangalore PF office, as the company has shifted to Bangalore. Since then I haven’t heard from the PF office.
    Complications in my case:
    • The company has moved its address to Bangalore, so I guess the Delhi PF office has shifted responsibility of getting my claim form verified to Bangalore PF office.
    • I have recently <February 2007> filed a Summary Suite against the company for non-payment of money they owe me.
    • Going by company’s track record, they are capable of bribing any govt. official. <In the past company record was found missing in PF office. Later it surfaced after ex-employee used their political influence>
    • The company is definite to “not to” verify my claim form because of the summary suite I have filed against it
    Due to all these complication I am not too sure weather RTI will be able to help me. Can someone guide me?

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  2. First of all you write a letter to Banglore PF Office including all the history. Make a point to mark C.C to Delhi office.
    After 3 weeks file an RTI application to Banglore PF Office asking for
    1. Daily progress made on my application/letter till date.
    2. Names and designations of the officials with whom my application/letter was lying during this period. Please intimate the periods when it was lying with which officer and what action was taken by that official during that period on what dates.
    3. Please give a the proof of receipt and dispatch of my application/letter in the offices of each of these officials.
    4. According to your rules or citizens charter or any other order, in how many days should such a matter be dealt with and resolved. Please provide a copy of these rules.
    5. The above officials have not adhered to the time limit mentioned in these rules and are guilty of violating these rules and hence guilty of misconduct under their conduct rules. Please give a copy of their conduct rule, which they have violated by violating the above mentioned rule.
    6. These officials have caused serious mental injury to me by making me run around all this while. Are these officials guilty of causing mental harassment to the public?
    7. What action will be taken against these officials for violating all the above rules and for causing mental agony to the public?
    8. By when this action would be taken?
    9. When will my work done?

    PIO PF Office instead of giving you reply for your RTI application they will prefer to do your work within 30 days.

  3. Good reply nile

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    Good reply Nile.
    Just another recommendation for point 2 and 3 of your draft:

    Please provide us the following information regarding my application/letter
    mentioned above in the following format:
    - Name and Designation of Officer or Staff Member
    - Date on which the concerned Officer or Staff member received my
    - Action taken or comments made by the concerned Officer or Staff member
    - Date on which the action was taken or comments were made
    - Date on which the application/letter was sent to or forwarded to the next
    Officer, Staff member , other department, sections, etc.
    - Documentary evidence of the above information given by you

    Just my thoughts !

  5. A very good compilations guys. I was thinking whether our brethrens in governemnt are ready.
    In most government setup the letters which are received are not index in computer though it is mandated under RTI. Government is trying hard but it is very difficult to drive this message to the lowest level.
    I am sure RTI will be able to ensure that this message is heard loud and clear.

  6. Good reply Nile


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