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Thread: Appeal to RTI

  1. Appeal to RTI

    What is the procedure of appealing against the information provided under RTI ? Do I have to pay the fees ? Can I pay by postal order ?

  2. Draft your appeal application on a blank sheet of paper addressed to the First Appellate Authority. Remember to attach a copy of your original application and a copy of the reply in whatever form (if received) from the PIO.
    You are not required to pay any fee for the first appeal. However, some state governments have prescribed a fee.

    For APPEAL USE THE FORMAT-ANNEXURE-B.If u have filed RTI for state dept.u affix the court fee stamp of Rs.20/-.

    ANNEXURE “B” Affix here Court Fee Stamp
    [See rule 5(1) of Maharashtra Right to Information Rules,2005] Fee Stamp of Rs. 20/-

    Appeal under section 19 (1) of the Right to Information Act, 2005.

    From : Mr./Mrs./Ms.

    (Appellant’s name and address)

    To : The Appellate Authority &

    (Name/designation/address of the Appellate authority)

    (1) Full name of the Appellant : Mr./Mrs./Ms.

    (2) Address :

    (3) Particulars of the State
    Public Information Officer :

    (4) Date of receipt of the order appealed against :
    (if order passed)

    (5) Last date for filing the appeal :

    (6) The grounds for appeal

    (7) Particulars of information--

    (i) Nature and subject matter of the
    information required :

    (ii) Name of the office or Department
    to which the information relates :
    Place :

    Date : Signature of Appellant.

  3. Apart from what Hema has told, you can also visit FAQ segment here:


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