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Thread: RTI exposes 481 transfer requests by mumbai police officials written by MLAs and ministers in just 19 months.

  1. RTI exposes 481 transfer requests by mumbai police officials written by MLAs and ministers in just 19 months.

    RTI exposes 481 transfer requests by mumbai police officials written by MLAs and ministers in just 19 months.

    the Mumbai police commissioner and the Maharashtra director-general of police have received a record 481 written recommendations for transfers from MLAs and ministers in just 19 months.

    From March to September this year, the DGP got 99 recommendations for transfers, of which 30 have come from the chief minister himself. Some of the recommendations have also come from Deputy CM R R Patil.

    This was exposed following queries filed under the Right to Information Act, 2005.

    ecommendations for transfers had in fact come down in 2004, after the joint commissioner of police (administration) issued a strict warning to 71 police officers and 64 constables for trying to use political clout.

    Also, two departmental circulars were issued stating that any violation of the rule 413 rule of the Police Manual would be strictly dealt with.

    Rule 413 states that "government servants are forbidden to approach officials of other departments or non-official people for support and redress. They are liable for disciplinary action if MLAs or non-official persons approach the government on their behalf," the rule says.

    [Sourse TOI]

  2. This peice of information is really good. But what is the follow up. I had never found any followup to such blatant wrongs.

    Can this post follow up the the sequel afterwards...

  3. I believe as the community grows and more and more people join this portal and start contributing, we will be able to give follow up as well.

  4. yes, if we are able to bring happenings and events to conclusion, it would be a great contribution of this site to the whole of India.

    Let's see if someone at Mumbai joins us and follow up this.

  5. Yes, Mr. Shailesh Gandhi has done a lot of ground work to expose the nexus between politicians and policemen in the transfers. But who cares? My foot, says the politicians. Mr. RR Patil claims to be Mr. Clean, talks about accountability and transparency in transfers, and he himself is in the dock of recommending majority of transfers. Five years Mr. Gandhi has been fighting hard with RTI to expose this nexus and nothing happens, the money bags continue in the transfers. That is the price of democracy.

  6. Yes, this transfer cases had been a very rooted corruption in India. I think somebody has made a right start, and if they persist upon, things will break one day.

    I think it is democracy only which has let somebody to expose that, and rather than a liablity, democracy can be assets in the hands of those who know how to deal with it.

  7. Indeed RTI will be able to uproot corruption in India.

    But I wonder why on the first place people have to resort to corruption.

    I would like to throw up a topic for discussion why there is need for corruption
    With a learned members of RTI this will be an effort to identify the cause of corruption. As i find most of the effort for removing corruption is in way to control it and contain it. It not in the form of removing the very cause.

  8. That is a good topic to discuss. Why don't you start a new topic Maneesh?

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