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  1. passport

    Can you tell me how to post a query to Passport office, under RTI. Is there a way of posting such a query online and giving the required amount of money by way of credit card ?


  2. Dear maybeles,

    You can get the address of the passport office where you applied from here
    Indian Passport, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

    You can write to the PIO of that particular office about your RTI query.

    As of now there is no such system of payment of RTI fee by credit card.

    You can look here for more information about RTI application regarding passport

    You can check your status of passport from the status page of
    Indian Passport, Ministry of External Affairs, Govt. of India

    Best Wishes

  3. Dear Maneesh

    Thankyou very much.I wonder why no one has so far taken up the issue of sending in RTI query through electronic mail and also paying through credit card. It can save lot of time and effort for older, infirm or invalid and women folk who are not able to trudge all the way to offices of respective organizations.


  4. Hello Maybeles,
    You suggestion for improvement is really good, and I intend to start a new thread where-in suggestion for improvement can be added.

  5. Dear Maybeles,
    What you suggested is good initiative, may be in some recent time it will come through where in you can pay your application fee through the credit card.

    Who knows one day in ATM you will find an option of payment of fee for RTI and the agency (bank) collecting the fee will do liasioning on your behalf.

    Who knows one day some one will open an online gateway where in for a fee one can file professional RTI application.

    Who knows that this RTI act can give rise to a new industry of information seekers and data collectors where in a person can retrieve data for a cost.

    These are question for the future and depends on the needs. But as the things stands today, RTI is still evolving. And people (babus) are slowly changing their mindsets.

    Even if people (babus) change their mind set are they equipped enough to provide information. What about the time and cost of providing information in a totally non IT setup?

    We all have a long way to go with RTI with help and support of patrons like you. We can see the signing of the bright tomorrow on the horizon and I am sure we will reach there.

    Best wishes.


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