New Delhi, April 03: The Central Information Commission (CIC) has issued a show cause notice to public information officer (PIO) of the Supreme Court after noting that the officer had not provided certain information to a man under the Right to Information Act.

"The PIO is directed to appear personally before the commission on May 25 and show cause as to why a penalty of Rs 250 per day be not imposed on him," Chief Information Commissioner Wajahat Habibullah said.

The commission, in an order yesterday also directed the PIO and Supreme Court's Assistant Registrar, to provide certain information to one Ziley Singh, a resident of Delhi, who had filed his RTI Application before him on May 10, last year.

The order of the commission came after Singh had sent an application to it stating there was no response to his request under the RTI Act submitted with the PIO of the Supreme Court was not responded to even after paying the requisite fees.

Singh's application was treated as a complaint petition by the CIC, which has also given to the PIO time to make his written submission by May 14.

Zee News - Notice SC PIO for not responding to RTI application