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Thread: Copies of evaluated answer books.

  1. Copies of evaluated answer books.

    I wanted to have copies of my answer book. Also I want to see the evaluated answer books of my friends. The CPIO has refused to give me the copies even though I had paid the amount.

    is he justified and can I appraoch CIC for this?

  2. Under section 8 (1) (j) the information regarding evaluated answer books cannot be shown.
    I think you cannot approach CIC for this.

  3. True you cannot get the evaluated answer books. In case of evaluated answer papers, the information available with the public authority is in his fiduciary relationship, the disclosure of which is exempt under Section 8(1)(e). In addition, when you as a candidate seeks for a copy of evaluated answer paper, either of your own or others, it is purely a personal information, the disclosure of which has no relation to any public interest or activity, which of such a situation is covered under Section 8(1)(j) of the Act.

    I think you cannot approach CIC for this.
    @Trueblue, you can always approach the CIC if you have approached after exausting all the channels.

  4. You can refer to recent judgement of CIC here:

  5. Rohit,
    You have to first approach the appellate authority of CPIO before you approach CIC.
    I am sure at Appellate level the reply will be same as what Kushal and told you that in examination the information is available as fiduciary relationship which is expemt from the disclosure.
    I am sure CIC will also give one page orders for the same.

  6. The Karnataka Information Commission has ruled against the decision of CIC and allowed the disclosure of evaluated answer scripts.
    The whole story can be read here:

  7. Thanks for updating this information. This will be resource for all.

  8. Re: Copies of evaluated answer books.

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