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Thread: How to write an RTI Application?

  1. You have a grievance and you wanted to question the authorities. You can seek such information as the laid down procedure to be followed in such cases when the original property was divided in between two sharers, and each one is having individual possession and enjoying the property separately. Follow RTI rules and regulations applicable and file to SPIO, SRA.

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    मैं ने online RTI तारीख 07/09/2016 को किया था. किन्तु आज तक मुझे अपने letter का सिर्फ और सिर्फ एक prime minister office though एक official letter मिला है. किन्तु final जवाब आज तक नहीं मिला है. According to RTI rules 2005 के अनुसार 45 day में final जवाब मिलना चाहिए. किन्तु मुझे final जवाब नहीं मिला है. तो मैं क्या करूँ?? तो क्या मुझे RTI though जवाब नहीं मिलेगा???

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    Re: How to write an RTI Application?


    If no idea of PIO Write a plain application addressing to

    Govt Office Name
    Address of office.

    Note:If have idea then search for PIO'S name from internet.

    2.Write down details of information you seek for in polite manner.(Use word Please provide)

    3.Try to avoid use of Questionnaire words(why, ?). If atall using use word if possible/if available.

    4.Concentrate on the following details::

    (a)Sign below the application.
    (b)Attach IPO of Rs10/-
    (c)Write down address properly in which you want to receive the application.
    (d)Write down in which form you want the reply(Print out/xerox/hand written/CD etc)
    (e)Attach Copy of ID proof.
    (f)Send application in Speed post/Registered post. Try to avoid sending application in general post.

    If want to send in proper formats then use below attachments.
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Sir PL tell mr how can I download these attachment

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    Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    Quote Originally Posted by veer_bhardwaj View Post
    Sir PL tell mr how can I download these attachment

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    Click on those attachments. All are pdf files, can be downloaded..

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    I'll try it several times but it can't

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  7. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    Reply to Post No.2 of Ajay2151 as it is on not getting PIO response ;

    Locating correct Public Information officer of the concerned Public Authority, searching their website following their rules and regulations in format of application and mode of fee payment is the first step.

    As per RTI Act, PIO has to provide the information within 30 days under RTI Act.
    Considering postal transit period of to and fro ( 5+5), + 30 days of period permitted under RTI Act, if applicant fails to receive PIO response, then he has to make first Appeal to concerned First Appellate Authority over PIO of same Public Authority. Here also the particulars can be noted from the website
    Some states have a prescribed first appeal format and generally no fees are charged on first appeal.

    Now it is time for you to file First Appeal with following grounds:
    First Appeal dt 17th Jan, 2017 under RTI Act filed
    Before First Appellate Authority (RTI).....................(Name and address of PUblic authority) against
    Public Information officer................................(address of public authority of PIO with his official designation)
    Appellant:.................................(Name and full address)

    Brief facts: Appellant has sought information through his RTI Application dt.......and PIO has not responded till to-day. Copy of self attested RTI Application pasted as xerox on back of this appeal)

    Grounds for Appeal: As PIO has neither provided information nor denied with such exemption and justification, treating the information as 'deemed denial' this first appeal.
    PRAYER: Appellant prays for directions to PIO for providing the information as expeditiously as possible free of cost.


    Our experts are unanimous in their opinion that applications/appeals should always be filed only through traditional post (Registered/Speed post), the receipt must be pasted on office copy of your application as service proof, tracking has to be done after 7 days in indiapost website, the status of delivery should be downloaded as screen print and should be preserved.
    If member is correctly aware of the address of such CPIO, it is advised even now, to file Application to concerned CPIO by Speed post.
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  8. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    Reply to veer_bhardwaj Post No.5

    Do'nt worry about these attachments. First look whether the authorities are having prescribed applications, then down load or follow the format. Always use the mode of payment of RTI fee. Study the RTI Rules and regulations of that Public authority to locate Correct PIO, format of application and fee payment.
    If they have prescribed RTI Application , just fill the blanks. Otherwise use simple format.

    Application dt....seeking information under RTI Act.

    Public Authority: Public information officer.........................(His official designation full address)
    RTI fee: Rs 10/- in the form of Adhesive Court fee (or as per their rules.
    Applicant:..............................(name and full address)

    Brief facts:................................................(Give the subject of information that enables PIO to identify such source of information easily.

    Information solicited: (make it brief, point wise commencing with Please provide me and seek that information that is available on record)
    1. Please provide me certified copy of.....................

    there on
    (Be brief, precise, upto the point and try to help PIO in locating the record)


    Send application always by post.

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