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Thread: How to write an RTI Application?

  1. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    [MENTION=257979]deepakdang[/MENTION] deepakdang

    What is the relevance of your reply No.88, now ?

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    Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    I had gone through an article in & detail may be seen: Hall of Shame: Web platform for tracking attacks on RTI activists
    Vinita Deshmukh23 December 2016* link Hall of Shame: Web platform for tracking attacks on RTI activists
    It was referred therin. The postal box is cheaper like locker.
    Further when i was tweeting & searching twitter for RTI Activist & their security i found cases decided by few H.C. & opinion of fewpeople. Link is RTI AND POST BOX. Further in web a Calcutta HC decision about"Anonymous RTI applications using post box number valid, says Calcutta High Court...

    Read more at:" dt.21.11.13 found. However you are better exposure & guide all better.

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    I am a central goverment employ . My disignation is head constable . My grade pay is 2400 in this post i want to n.o.c for same grade pay and same rank for other state gov. but my office not giving noc for same gradepay and same rank .do i take noc for same grade pay and same rank please help me.

  4. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    I need letv le2 USB cable it is in under warranty period.
    Company is taking longer time I submitted my damage USB cable in service centre approx 1 month before.
    What should I do????

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  5. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    @suraj oraon
    1. This forum is dedicated for guiding citizens in seeking information from public authorities under RTI Act and private entities and commercial transactions are beyond ambit of RTI Act, as they are governed by a separate Act (Sale of Goods Act)
    2.Hence this forum can not extend any guidance in your personal/commercial transaction.
    3.You are aware that there is no guarantee/warranty for electronic items.
    3.If you have the original receipt and duly signed warranty agreement, immediately issue a Registered notice under CP Act to the seller and as well to the company seeking immediate replacement within 7 days.

    Notice dt.17;pth Jun, 2017 under CP Act.



    The notice is being issued by ......................s/o....................aged......years., occupation............, residing at.............................hereinafter called as complainant for brevity.

    2.Complainant has on..................purchased from No. 1 of you USB Cable of ...............make, manufactured by No.2................... with receipt No....................and there is a warrant for two years on satisfactory functioning, issued by No.1 of you on behalf of No.2 of you.

    3.As the USB was having manufacturing defects, the matter was explained to No.1 of you on.............and USB was returned to service center on.................................
    4.The USB was not replaced even after one month. There is manufacturing defect and both of No.1 & No.2 failed to replace the faulty USB within usual/normal period of replacement and harassing the complainant.
    5.Please note that if USB is not replaced with properly functioning USB within 7 days of receiving of this notice, complainant will be constrained to file complaint before District Consumer Forum for immediate replacement, return of the purchase cost with interest, and compensation for the inconvenience and harassment against him by both dealer and manufacturer.


    You may send this notice also be e mail and preserve a copy of delivery, as Delhi HC permitted for sending notices to other party by electronically like what's app and SMS also.

    Please do not continue the post further, as this forum is not competent to handle any matter other than RTI and it is against discipline of the forum.

  6. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    Pls can u tell if hand written appeal can be submitted or it has to be typed as per rules

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  7. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    Handwritten Notices are permitted. (What is this appeal mentioned in reply ?)
    But consider the impression and clarity in typewritten material.
    If it is neatly typed /DTP it has it's own impression and that carries weight and may create your standing.
    Please do not continue further posts here, as the thread was opened for RTI Application and the issue is beyond ambit of RTI Act.

  8. Re: How to write an RTI Application?

    As far as possible, members are providing ready made formats, with blanks, making the work easier, and this forum never charged single rupee for such free services and demanded for PM etc.,
    This forum is not responsible for such demands and what ever is provided in the forum is free and voluntary, no one carries single paisa from any side for this forum.


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