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Thread: False information

  1. False information

    I gave an application under RTI for knowing the status of implementation of environmental safety measures in a group of Research organisations. I get the reply that the environmental laws are not applicable to them under various pretexts. But there is no such exemption to anyone in the acts. What can be done about the furnishing of wrong and misleading information?

    Babu Rao

  2. Can you clarify with whom you have applied for the information? Seemingly, such reply does not seem to be palatable, however, if you let us know the 'Pretexts', we might be able to understand clearly.

    As you had also participated in the discussions, this thread might be of relevance here too:

    And as is the case you can:
    1. Ask for inspection of the documents,
    2. File an appeal for the same.

  3. False information

    I have filed the RTI application with CSIR and the pretexts given are that that the environmental acts are not applicable to national institutes, very small quantities of chemicals are being used etc. They are not private bodies. All are are public funded organisations.

    Babu Rao

  4. Mr Rao,
    I believe a more comprehensive application will get better response from the organization.
    You may ask what are the environmental laws being followed by the organization?
    What are the various chemical used?
    How the chemicals are disposed after use?

    The idea is to ask specific question. The smaller and specific the question is better it is.

    Please elaborate of the pretext plz.


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