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Thread: RTI turns ACR's to APAR's

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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    I had asked copies of my ACRs from the PIO EASERN RAILWAY but he has denied it. What remedies do I have now?

  2. Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    Dear Dr. Ghosh

    U can go for First Appeal (if the same is not time barred). Please post a copy of PIO's reply it will enable members to help/guide u better. Have u gone through the thread suggested by Karira Sir in post # 23.


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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    Quote Originally Posted by kushal View Post
    for the records, I am attaching it with the posts.
    It is only restricted to All India Service as of now which only include IAS, IPS and Indian Forest Service and that does not cover, Indian revenue Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Railway Services (The Central Services).
    indian railway service too decided to turn ACR to APAR.photocopies of ACR started to came in to hands of officers.thanks RTI

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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    Can I ask for expunging adverse entries in ACRs not supported by evidence?

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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    Latest DOPT's Circular on Bad Remarks in old ACRs- vs APARs:

    Government of India
    Ministry of Personnel, Public Grivances and Pensions
    Department of Personnel and Training

    New Delhi, the 6th January,2010


    Subject:- Effect on modification/expunction of adverse remarks in the ACRs and upgradation/down-gradation of the overall grading in the ACRs prior to the period 2008-2009.

    The undersigned is directed to say that instructions were issued vide O.M. of even number dated 14th May, 2009 by which the complete APAR (previously known as ACR) including the overall grading and assessment of integrity shall be communicated to the concerned officer for representation if any, with effect from the reporting period 2008-09 which was to be initiated from 1.4.2008. Prior to that only adverse remarks in the ACR were required to be communicated for representation, if any. The then existing instructions further provided that the overall grading in the ACR should remain unchanged even after modification or expunction of the entire adverse remarks. It was left to the DPC to re-determine the overall grading if it considered that the expunction of such adverse remarks had so altered the quality of the ACR. The matter has been further considered and it has been decided that in those cases where the reckonable ACRs prior to the reporting period 2008-09 are to be considered in a future DPC on which the adverse remarks of Reporting I Reviewing / Accepting Authorities have been expunged or modified by the Competent Authority, the "overall grading" in the ACR be kept blank for appropriate re-grading by the DPCs. The existing grading shall be blocked in such cases. It has also been decided that where the authority has upgraded / downgraded the overall grading without giving sufficient reasons, the DPC shall treat such an exercise as non-estlinvalid. General terms, such as "I agree or disagree with the Reporting Officer / Reviewing Officer" used by the Reviewing I Accepting Authority shall not be construed as sufficient reason for upgrading / downgrading the overall grading given by the Reporting Authority 1 Reviewing Authority. The proposals for the DPC where ACRs upto the reporting period 2007-08 will be taken into account should specifically bring out these guidelines.

    2. It is also made clear that past cases already decided will not be re-opened.

    (C.A.Subrarnanian) Director

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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    it is not this way
    actually as per para1 of DOP&T OM No 21011/1/2005-Estt (A) (Pt-II) dated 14th May, 2009- "The Supreme Court has held in their judgement dated 12.5.2008 in the case of Dev Dutt vs Union of India (Civil Appeal No.7631 of 2002) that the object of writing the confidential report and making entries is to give an opportunity to the public servant to improve the performance. "
    above para indicates that OM is applicable to all public servants irrespective of their post/grade.

    also from same Para 1 - "The 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission in their 10th Report has also recommended that the performance appraisal system for all services be made more consultative and transparent on the lines of the PAR of the All India Services."

    above para indicates that ACR of all public servants to be made transparent in a similar way as it is already in practice for IAS & other All India Service officers.

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    Re: RTI tiurns ACR's to APAR's

    Whether APAR REPORTS is applicable for group A officer in the pay scale range Rs15600/- and grade pay Rs. 5400/- as per SIXTH PAY CGS

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