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Thread: Complaints u/s 18 of RTI Act 2005

  1. Complaints u/s 18 of RTI Act 2005

    In case information is not received from PIO within 30days, complaint is to be filed with the SCIC. But SCIC takes a long time in fixing a hearing on the complaint and issuing his orders. How can information in such cases be got expedited. It is especially important if information sought for concerns the life or liberty of a person which has to be supplied within 48 hrs as per sec 7(1) but is not so supplied by PIO resulting in complaint having to be filed to SCIC where it just lingers on for very long. MK Singhal

  2. Can anyone explain me what u/s means?

  3. Latha, it is a terminology commonly used while referring to a particular provision of a law. U/s means
    under section. In the present context, it refers to complaint under section 18 of RTI Act of 2005.

  4. I think this is one of the important issue left to be evolved about resolution of 2nd appeal at CIC/SCIC.

    Have you exhausted the 1st appellant channel when the issue is concerning W.r.t. Section 7 (1)?

    And why did you wait for 30 days if the information concerned life and liberty?

  5. Complaint has nothing to do with 1st Appelate Authority. It would be desirable if the 1st Appelate Authority is also made responsible for attending to complaints in the first instance u/s 18. MK Singhal

  6. RTI is an act which only provides information. In order to ensure life and liberty of a person, Constitution provides alternatives remedy of WRIT under Article 32 (SC) and Article 226 (HC).

    The genesis of RTI is taken place to ensure that information is available in the public domain. If it is not provided then one can obtain by paying Rs. 10 under RTI.

    In the instant case if the PIO is not providing information and though it relates with life and liberty of a person, the period will be over after 48 hours, if before appellate authority it is substantiated.

    The remedy for not following the act is provided by way of imposition of penalty.

    In order to save human life the WRIT to High Court and Supreme Court is available.

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    Re: Complaints u/s 18 of RTI Act 2005

    CAn any one tell me whether being dissatisfied with the decission of the state CIC any further appeal can be made by any one over a state subject with CIC Delhi i.e. Mr. Habibullah or CIC Delhi is only meant for the central Government offices?

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    Re: Complaints u/s 18 of RTI Act 2005

    Kindly tell me the difference between the terms "Second Appeal" and "Complaint", specially mention the particular sections of RTI Act, Which one is to be filed earlier.

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