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Thread: Search for decision on tender notices

  1. Search for decision on tender notices

    Hello maneesh,
    As discussed over phone, I am sure you the right person who can give me the decisions of the CIC regarding cases related to tender notices.
    • decision relating to what information cannot be revealed.
    • Decision of CIC as what information should be revealed.

  2. Dear Kushal,
    Let me sumerise things which you already know.

    Information in case of tender can be generated because of two source:
    a) Govt.
    b) Tender applicant

    Time: Before Finalization of Tender
    a) To be disclosed
    b) To be disclosed after third party or can be disclose after applying severablity clause.

    Time: After Finalization of Tender
    a) To be disclosed
    b) To be disclosed unless a specific reason is available under Sec 8


    Reason for rejection of Tenders
    CIC says the reason for rejection of tender has to be given even though the tender says the the competent authority can rejected without assigning any reason.

    I also concur with the view of CIC in public service all action should be reasonable and a reason for any decision should always be there

    Information in Contract File having other applicants details
    CIC says disclose the material after applying Section 10 of the RTI Act, that is, the severability


    Meeting of the Tender Committee
    Minutes of Tender Committee meeting to be disclosed


    General Information asked by the applicant
    Require information to be provided and applicant may be asked to file fresh RTI with specific questions.

    Copies of Notesheet leading to decision
    CIC says to be given

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  3. In continuation with my earlier post

    A good lengthy judgment must read for judgment enthusiasts

    CIC sets the terms of disclosure of Tenders

    To quote,
    A contract with a public authority cannot be categorised as ‘confidential’
    after completion. Even if some confidentiality is involved, public interest in a
    matter of the nature of the present case will warrant disclosure. Had it been a
    case of quotations, bid or tender or any other information prior to conclusion of a
    contract, it could be categorized as trade secret, but once concluded the
    confidentiality of such transactions cannot be claimed. Any public authority
    claiming exemption must be put to strictest proof that the exemption is justifiably

    To unquote

    I guess this covers most of the areas of Tenders.

    Kushal any more ...
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  4. Thanks Maneesh, that is all what was needed urgently and you proved that you are in fact the 'Information Hunter' in true sense.


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