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Thread: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    Dear all :

    This has turned out to be an interesting thread started by the Chief Dreamer Kushal . Kudos to him .

    Now this is to request the members to help me cull out some 12 points/suggestions emerging out of this 120-post debate (in bullets form) that I could present to the CIC Mr Wajahat Habibullah and one of the I.C.s during my scheduled meeting with him this week . Perhaps Mr Karira , Mr. JP Shah or Sandeepbaheti could do that ?

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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    Dear Arun
    The public autority the Office of the Senior Superintendent of Police, District Gautam Budh Nagar ( U.P.) as well as the District Judge/Civil Judge (S.D.) District Gautam Budh Nagar, should consult the notification no. 528/XLIII-2-2006 dated April 13,2006, isued by the Govt. of U.P. which states
    The amount of fee shall be deposited in following head of account :-
    " 0070-Other Administrative Services, 60-Other Services, 800-Other receipts, 11-Fees received on account of implementation of Right to Information Act,2005".
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  3. Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    There was a suggestion made by someone from Maharashtra (I think from Pune) that application fee should be also accepted by way of Postal Stamp, stuck to the application. Those are the easiest and most user friendly.
    I think Kariraji is right. It is a perfect idea given the prevailing circumstances in the country.

    Kindly go through this link Stamp and Types

    It seems that since years back there has been a policy of prescribing different stamps for different applications. Following are the various types of stamps:

    1 Judicial stamps
    2 Court fee stamps
    3 Coping sheets
    4 Non-Judicial stamp papers
    5 Revenue stamps
    6 Special Adhesive stamps (Labels)
    7 Notarial stamps
    8 Foreign Bill stamps
    9 Brokers Note
    10 Insurance policy stamps
    11 Share Transfer stamps
    12 Hundi
    13 Insurance Agency stamps

    So if one wants to transfer Shares - use Share Transfer Stamps,

    Likewise if one is executing an Agreement - use Special Adhesive Stamps (now Franking)

    Similarly for Insurance policy - Insurance Agency Stamps

    And so on and so forth.

    RTI application being a quasi- judicial proceeding, Court fee stamps are prescribed for it.

    If this technical barrier is waived for a RTI application and postal stamps
    accepted as a valid mode of payment then it would be great. Let this technical / legal barrier not come in the way of implementing the RTI act.

    Postal stamps have a very wide access across the length and breath of our country, and would be very useful to villagers for filing a RTI application.

    Ofcourse for net savvy persons like us, usage of credit/debit card at a viable extra fee should be introduced. I think IRCTC (Indian railways) charges a fee of Rs.11/- per transaction for an e-ticket, so to make it economically viable Government may charge Rs.11/- in addition to Rs.10/- for a RTI application.
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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    Dear friends
    I am not sure but I have an information that on the basis of provisional PWC report, the DOPT has recommended to waive off the application fee completely. Now we can wait and see what comes up
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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    I will check that up with my good friend Mr Satyanand Mishra, formerly Secretary of DoPT and now of the Information Commissioners at the CIC .

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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    I am of same view of Sri Satish Gupta that different commissioners will have different views on the same case based on their previous experience, exposure to public problems, etc. Hence I strongly feel, if the appellant want to post his case to particular commissioner whom he feels wise and understand his case by patient hearing, the same should be entertained by CIC.CIC in number of cases had given decisions favouring the Govt department and depriving the appellant the informations sought by him for one reasons or other. By allowing the informations to be disclosed, the Government is nothing to loose and on other hand, due to disclosing of information, it may help the appellant to get the justice or to expose the corruption and other unethical practice or to improve the administration in the government departments. I strongly feel that CIC's should ensure the rights of appellant to get the requisite information in right time. Depriving the appellant of requisite information sought to him is violation of right given by constitution to all Indian citizen under RTI act to access the information from Government. CIC should play an active constructive role in eradication of corruption by encouraging the public to check the Government administration for clean administration. It is observed only in cases pertaining to corruption \unethical practice , CPIO, are evading furnishing the requisite information. CIC should have zero tolerance for corruption, fraud and other unethical practice and should create moral fear among those who evade to provide the informations\documents in order to suppress the corruption and other unethical practice and this will turn strengthen the country and also help in overall development of country.fficeffice" /><O></O>

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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    I had asked some information from Esat Coast Railway to file aconsumer case. But the railway authority first returned the IPO on the ground that it should be payable to FA and CAO East Coast Railway and not favouring Accounts Officer though there is clear order of CIC. They asked to deposit afees of Rs 4 to give the information after exactly one month of receipt of the application. Hence I think that there should be amendment in the act that if any fees is to be deposited it must be asked within a week. I think they are delaying to ask for the fees with a malafide intention or if at all any fees is required the information must be sent by VPL within 30 days .

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    Re: Suggestion for improvement of RTI Act and it's functionality

    As re: Mr Vardaraj's post ( 126 above) , these are general remarks, so no comments are necessary . But I do not agree that an appellant should have a right to approach a IC of his choice . For two good reasons . First of all all ICs and CIC have been allotted PAs which they are required to deal with . Secondly, in many cases, fines have been imposed and concerned PIOs have been issued warnings . So it wouldn t be corrrect to state that as a rule ICs pass orders in favour of the concerned PAs .

    As re: Mr H K Dubey, the mistake he committed was that he filled up the name of the payee on the I.P.O. And I do not agree with the suggestion to send the information/document copies by VPP/VPL . One would land up incurring higher charges
    than the cost of photocopying of documents itself , it would involve the PAs in additional paper work, and moreover there is no guarantee that the appellant would be present in the house to pay to the postman and VPP/VPL may return unpaid .Most of these payment related issues : application fees/photocopying charges etc can be easily resolved if the appellants/information seekers were enabled to pay such charges via
    internet , which really means that all PAsmust , over a period of time, provide for acceptance of monies via credit/debit cards .


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