Hey friends,

Does any one know of any judgement of CIC where a company or 3rd party who was asked to whether a authority can provide an info to an applicant and an order is passed by the authority against the 3rd party. The said party has challenged the order of Appellate authority, for with helding information not to be provided by an Appellate authority to any Applicant which is very confidential and private in nature under 8(1) (d) & (J).

I want judgement in favour of company or 3rd party by the CIC or SIC, restricting the Authority to part away with any info called by the applicant as per the order passed by the Authority of providing the same to the Applicant.

Plz do help me and if possible send me the link for the said judgement. I would be thankfull if something related to above is also provided to me.

Plz Help