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Thread: This must be first comprehensive site for Right to Information in India?

  1. This must be first comprehensive site for Right to Information in India?

    Seeing this site here I think this must be the first comprehensive community site catering to Right to Information in India.

    I can find.

    Are there any other good commmunity site for Right to Information?

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  2. Welcome to RTI India Arun!!

  3. Yes, there are many scattered websites, allmost all focussing either upon non-online work, NGO activity and some of them even selling some RTI stuff.
    Like in one website I learned that you can get RTI CD worth 50 bucks.

    RTI India I found has just took off, and this is the 1st attempt and the best offcourse to honestly potray and provide support and community for right to Information.

    And when this site is managed by Officers themselves, we can always expect the best.

  4. We all can contribute to this portal.
    A small effort by all, adds up to big result.

  5. That is true. With such an information about this Right who will ever need to wonder.
    Maneesh, congratulations to you and your team for doing such a hard work even though you being working at office are able to contribute here.

  6. #6

    I found there are many sites listed in link segment of RTI India:

    Some international sites should able be listed.

  7. Sure we will.

  8. there are lot American sites resembles with the same type of rti acts and if we include the links of the same will be useful to know what happens in the international arena
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