CIC Wajahat Habibullah also calls a hearing in August

In 1972 when GD Khosla Commission was inquiring into Subhas Chandra Bose's reported death, a suspicious thing happened in the Prime Minister's Office (PMO). As a former Minister was to put it years later -- "Nehru's file on Netaji was destroyed on orders of PN Haksar, the Secretary to Prime Minister Indira Gandhi".

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This new blog details efforts to get to the facts about the Bose death case. Already the CIC has taken a note of the issue and on 5th June a full bench hearing is scheduled. And by 30th June the MEA is to part with the correspondence they have had with the Russians over Bose's fate. We dont expect them to do so and the matter is heading for a court battle.

For a backdrop to the case, and why are we doing it, please follow these links:

God forbid this should be true

An Indian Ambassador (to the USSR) was allowed to meet Bose -- on the condition that he would not try to speak to him. When the Ambassador wondered about what to do in case Bose wished to speak to him, "he was told that it has been taken care of," … A rather ominous bit of hospitality.

The need to know

The establishment's retrogressive panache for secrecy, exemplified by the Subhas Bose case, must end. Keeping things under wraps forever is not something that the mature democracies indulge in.