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Thread: Important Questions regarding RTI

  1. Important Questions regarding RTI

    I think a lot of questions abt RTI bogs the common man

    1. We have to attach a RS 10 postal order? Why?

    2. How do we know to which official the question should be directed to?

    3. Can many people sign the same RTI question?

    gita subramanian

  2. Re: Important Questions

    1. Deposit fee: You can deposit the fee of Rs.10/- in any form mentioned here:
    2. Each organisation has published the name of the CPIO. If that is not readily accessible, the best course is to simply wirte:
    Central Public Information Officer
    Department Name
    You can see the draft application we have prepared:

    Regarding Many People signing an application, generally it is not required when you can get the information by one signature itself. If this question is in reference to specific reason, let us know.
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    Re: Important Questions regarding RTI


    I think CPIO is Central Public Information Officer & SPIO is State Public Information Officer. Pls correct me if I am wrong.

  4. Re: Important Questions regarding RTI

    stand corrected. Thank You

  5. Re: Important Questions regarding RTI

    Quote Originally Posted by gith2001 View Post

    1. We have to attach a RS 10 postal order? Why?
    A fee under RTI is prescribed in order to ensure that previous applications are kept at bay and efficiency of Govt. does not goes down.

  6. Re: Important Questions regarding RTI

    Thank you, but i am still in doubt.
    i want to ask a qn to commissioner S.S. Shinde. Should i ask the qn to him or the CPIO ?

  7. Re: Important Questions regarding RTI

    You can only ask for information from the Government Organisation and not individual. The RTI Act enables getting information from the public body, and the public body has nominated CPIO's. If the above said Officer is the CPIO, you can ask him.
    But if you are not sure who is the CPIO, then simply to CPIO concerned of department will server the same purpose.


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