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Thread: CIC member accused of gender bias

  1. CIC member accused of gender bias

    NEW DELHI: Former regional passport officer of Delhi, Gloria Kumar, has levelled charges of "a general bias and perverted overtones" against information commissioner O P Kejariwal who had imposed a penalty of Rs 16,000 under the RTI Act.

    The provocation for such an outburst in a writ petition filed before Delhi High Court was an order passed by Kejariwal in March pulling up Gloria Kumar for delaying information on extension of passport sought by a 90-year-old widow, Krishna Devi Jhalani.

    Passing strictures on Gloria Kumar, Kejariwal had said: "Could there be a more callous and apathetic attitude of a government servant towards not just a member of the public but also a statutory body like the information commissioner?

    It is such officers who bring a bad name to the bureaucracy and tarnish its image."

    Denying that there was any negligence on her part (personally as opposed to that of the department), Gloria Kumar attributed the strictures and penalty to Kejariwal's "highhandedness." She said that during hearings in the Central Information Commission (CIC), Kejariwal "makes women officers feel in a awkward position. His manner of making observations is something which is not in tune with the ethics and manners which one, as a statutory authority, is required to show to a woman officer."

    This is the way Gloria Kumar reconstructed a hearing that took place in December in Jhalani's case: Kejariwal first commented on her religion saying, "Oh! So you are a Christian." Making "uncalled for" comments on her name and surname, "he went on to ask me about my parents saying, how come you are a Christian if your mother was Christian and father was a Hindu? That means that your mother must be the dominating factor."

    Worse, "Kejariwal also repeatedly asked me as to how often my husband visited India. He also commented on my parents and my age. His conduct was far more humiliating and reflected a general bias and perverted overtones. Seeing that he was getting into personal aspects relating to me, I very firmly told him that I have come here to make my submissions and not discuss personal matters with him." Sensational as it is, Gloria Kumar's writ petition against Kejariwal, who has earned the reputation of being the most assertive member of CIC, may help revive the bureaucracy's attempt to dilute the RTI Act.

    Whatever view HC takes on her personal allegations against Kejariwal, he may have some explaining to do on whether he had taken her “explanations and justifications” into account while passing orders against her.

    CIC member accused of gender bias-India-The Times of India

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  2. Re: CIC member accused of gender bias

    Transfer RTI cases: ex-passport officer

    Former Regional Passport Officer, Delhi, Gloria Kumar has asked Chief Information Commissioner (CIC) Wajahat Habibullah to transfer cases against her from the court of Information Commissioner OP Kejriwal to any other commissioner.

    The plea is part of the petition Kumar had filed in the Delhi High Court, seeking to quash the penalty imposed on her in the Krishna Devi Jalani case. Kumar was fined Rs 25,000 in one case and penalty notices were issued in two more cases.

    Kumar urged Habibullah to protect a woman officer from the "on-going harassment" and expressed fear that she would not get "fair treatment" at the hands of Kejriwal. "A full Bench, which I have requested, be constituted at the earliest and none of my cases be put up before OP Kejriwal, and the cases pending be also transferred to any other information commissioner or the CIC," she requested.

    The petition to be heard on Friday also states that the penalty imposed on her was not correct because she was not responsible for the delay in giving information in the Jalani case.

    She claimed that when she had said that she could move the High Court against the penalty imposed, Kejriwal had told her the cost of litigation would be higher than the penalty amount.

    She also denied that the RTI applications submitted to her were not answered.

    Transfer RTI cases: ex-passport officer- Hindustan Times

  3. Re: CIC member accused of gender bias

    Kejriwal denies Gloria Kumar's 'baseless' allegation

    New Delhi, May 27 PTI) The spat between the Information Commissioner OP Kejriwal and the former regional passport officer Gloria Kumar continued with the former dismissing all allegations levelled against him by the latter as "baseless".

    Kumar had levelled charges of 'gender bias and perverted overtones' against Kejriwal, who had imposed a fine of Rs 25,000 on her under the RTI Act for alleged negligence in the Krishna Devi Jhalani case.

    The 90-year-old Jhalani had sought information on extension of passport and Kumar had allegedly delayed in providing information.

    Meanwhile, Gloria has filed a petition in the Delhi High Court seeking to quash the penalty imposed on her by Kejriwal.
    However, Kejriwal says he is yet to get any notice from the court.

    The Hindu News Update Service

  4. Re: CIC member accused of gender bias

    HC stays CIC penalty on passport officer

    IN A breather to former Regional Passport Officer Gloria Kumar, the Delhi High Court today stayed an order by Information Commissioner OP Kejariwal imposing a penalty of Rs 16,000 on her under the RTI Act.

    The Information Commissioner had slapped the fine on the former government servant for delaying the re-issuance of passport to a 90-year-old woman, Krishna Devi Jhalani.

    Following the rejection of an application by Kumar requesting Kejariwal to review the March 1 order, the former file a case in the High Court, while accusing the senior RTI Commissioner of "bias".

    Issuing notice to Kejariwal, Justice BD Ahmed, who is hearing the matter, has posted the case to November 19 for further hearing.

    The petition attacked the penalty order as "bad on facts and wrong in law" and criticised the Information Commissioner of coming to a "pre-determined, hasty and arbitrary" conclusion that Kumar was "personally responsible" for the delay in issuance of the passport.

    Kumar also argued that Kejariwal had no jurisdiction "individually" to impose a penalty under the RTI Act. "The power to impose penalty is vested on the Central Information Commission as a whole, the Act does not postulate any individual Information Commissioner to pass any penalty order initially," the petition read.

    The former RPO contended in court that Kejariwal had stepped outside his powers under the Act by issuing a direction to the Ministry of External Affairs to take administrative action against her for the "lapse".
    Refusing to take up on herself any personal responsibility for the delay in clearance of Jhalani's passport, Kumar argued that the Information Commissioner had levied the fine despite an enquiry report from the Ministry of External Affairs on February 5, saying that the lapse was "reflective of a system failure and no individual officer was responsible".

    Source: Indian Express news report through:HC stays CIC penalty on passport officer - Yahoo! India News

    Readers are requested to go through the original decision of the CIC in this connection for which the link is provided below:

    In para 11 of its order, the CIC has specifically observed that: "If the system is not in place even one year after the RTI Act was enacted, well. one may ask whose fault is it. Can it be anybody else's, but that of the person in charge or the head of the office, which in this particular case was the Regional Passport Officer, Delhi."

  5. IC O P Kejariwal alledged for sexual harrasment.

    IC OP Kejariwal, one of the very sensible ICs of CIC, has been alledged for sexual harrasment by a lady bearucrat,


    Kindly go through this order of CIC

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    Re: IC O P Kejariwal alledged for sexual harrasment.

    There is a similar thread started on this issue before. Kindly merge this thread with the below one.

  7. Re: CIC member accused of gender bias

    Thanks Sidharth. Merger effected.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

  8. Re: IC O P Kejariwal alledged for sexual harrasment.

    if this lady PIO is behaving in such a way, i dont understad why the MEA (Ministry of External Affairs) is not intervening in the matter.

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