<SMALL>BHUBANESWAR: Wonder kid Budhia Singh's mother Sukanti Singh on Thursday challenged the Khurda district Child Welfare Committee's (CWC) decision to restrict the little boy's proposed walkathon from Bhubaneswar to Kolkata.

Sukanti's statement came amidst the controversy as to whether the kid should be allowed to undertake a marathon walk covering 500 km during the peak summer or not. She questioned the CWC's authority to put such a restriction on the event planned by the Budhia Singh Trust (BST).

“Who is the CWC to ban Budhia's marathon walk? The Orissa government had never come to our rescue when Budhia and two of my daughters were starving”, she told reporters here.

She said she had put ten questions to the government through RTI (Right to Information) Act. She submitted her questionnaire with the women and child development department asking how much money the CWC or the government had spent on the welfare of her son.

“If they have not spent a single pie for the child, how can the government or the CWC put restriction without consulting me”, she asked.

“Budhia is my only son and I hope that the boy would bring laurel for the nation by sticking to long distance running. As a mother I have no objection to his running or walking long distances. I do not understand, why the government puts so many hurdles on the child's growth”, she said.

Sukanti Singh, presently working in a private educational institution, said she was contemplating on moving court if the government did not stop “meddling” in the activities of Budhia and his mentor Biranchi Das.

“I will take a decision after getting reply to my ten questions”, she said.
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