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Thread: Use RTI law for the amelioration of our beloved Country.

  1. Use RTI law for the amelioration of our beloved Country.

    dear friends,

    we are fearful that if RTI not handled properly would become redundant like many other laws in our country. Some public authorities are playing tactics with RTI law. State Commissioners are not seriously interested in implementing the RTI law in letter & spirit. Section 20 of act need to be invoked in all fit cases as it is mandatory. application of Section 20 automatically where the information furnished is furnished after the prescribed time of 30 days & explanation of PIO is not reasonable enough would create a deterrent impact on PIO,s & than only the effects of RTI act would appear on our system. one thing more which should be understood by PIO,s that they should not take use of RTI act as confrontation but as a facilitation. Citizenry including PIO,s should be educated that RTI would make our country a better place to live in as transparency & accountability are two sacred words helpful for every human being.

    kamal anand
    c/o People for Transparency.

  2. Re: Use RTI law for the amelioration of our beloved Country.

    Hello Kamal,
    It would have been ideal if you had spared some moments to introduce yourself and also say a few words about your organisation for the benefit of all the members of this portal. Anyway, a hearty welcome to you.

    As regards your apprehension about RTI law becoming redundant, I would like to mention that unlike other laws, a lot of citizen-involvement has gained momentum in the sphere of RTI besides the activities of various NGOs, media groups and portals like ours, all of which are keeping a close watch on the day to day happenings to ensure that this citizen-law is here to stay and play greater positive roles in the times to come.

    Being a law that is still evolving, some hiccups are still there and they are sure to be sorted out in course of time.



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