Dear Ganpati,

we are an association of young professionals using & professing the use of RTI law for amelioration of Country. we have filed & helped people to file RTI application in common interest. some time back we have asked from the government of Punjab what they have done for the promotion of RTI law in the state as is mandatory under section 26 of RTI Act, they don,t bother to give a reply. we filed a compliant in State Commission, a very good judgment has been delivered by the Commission in this particular case. after judgment provided information shows that almost nothing has been done by the State government to promote RTI law in the State. times of india & tribune has carried this news but desired result for the promotion of RTI law from Government side are not coming . we are making our best afforts to promote law in right direction. incident of misuse of RTI law also hurt us.

kamal anand
c/o People for Transparency