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Thread: Personaities prominent in RTI India

  1. Personaities prominent in RTI India

    I am planning to start this thread to list all the personalities who have contributed and are devoted to the cause of Right to Information in India.
    To start with:


    Aruna Roy was born in Chennai, and was an IAS officer until 1974. She resigned from the IAS to join the Social Work and Research Center in Tilonia, Rajasthan, which had been set up by her husband Sanjit 'Bunker' Roy.

    She worked at the SWRC until 1983, then moved to Devdoondri in 1990 and set up the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathana, a group which is a working example of a transparent organization. She is a strong supporter of the movement for Right to Information, which succeeded in getting the Rajasthan Right to Information Bill passed.

    The MKSS built a grassroots movement that has triggered broad debate and a nationwide demand for the public's right to scrutinize official records - a crucial check against arbitrary governance.

    In 2000, she was awarded the Ramon Magsaysay award for Community Leadership and International Understanding, along with J Arputham, the President of the National Slumdwellers' Federation.

    Aruna Roy requested that the award be given to the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathana, but was informed that it was only given to individuals. She put the award money into a trust to support the process of democratic struggles.

    I salute her for the brave act.

    Kindly post the heroes of RTI India here so that we know about them. RTI India can even call them here.

  2. You can read the interview of her here: The Rediff Interview/ Aruna Roy

  3. Thank you for sharing Kushal. I have posted a suggestion at feedback forum.

  4. Great thread. I will find out some from Google

  5. Personalities

    Besides Aruna the other leading RTI personalities are:

    Anna Hazare
    Arvind Kejriwal
    Sandeep Pandey
    Shailesh Gandhi
    Prakash Kardaley
    Maj.Gen. SCN Jatar
    Manish Sisodia
    Vijay Kumbhar
    Col. Ramesh Wasudeo

    The above are just few on the scene at the moment. But there are hundreds of others too, who believe in keeping low profile.

  6. This is a great list and we should bring out all those togather here as well as those who contribute in ways not known to many.
    Stingjourno, as you are into journalism why don't you write about them and also their contact detiails and email so that a a unified force is formed here.

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  8. Hello,
    Kindly do not post any email ID here, as this forum is SEO (Search engine Optimization) optimized and there are chances that the email posted here will be backlinked by spammers. All posts here can be read by both humans and bots, and chances of spamming increase due to this fact.

    Coming to your Yahoo group. It is heartning to know about the yahoo group. I hope you can draw a lot from here in coming times to enrich your group.

    As this place is less than a month old, your valuable inputs will also bring lot many into fold to real cause.

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