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Thread: Autofare-Tamilnadu

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    Re: Autofare-Tamilnadu continued-II

    Hai friends,

    I have heard about auto drivers in Mumbai and Bangalore, where drivers are sincere in returning the excess amount over the meter fare. Of course even there culprits exists. But police do good service through out Karnataka not only in Railway stations but also in Bus stands. Complaints are taken care of and erring auto's punished.

    I have never seen any policemen in Chennai or other cities of tamilnadu, regulating auto's. Why inaction. Is it not their duty to book them.

    1. Many auto drivers are not wearing uniforms.

    2. Many auto's ply without meters

    3. Many auto drivers do not wear the badges.

    4. Many auto drivers drive with a friend next to him in the driving seat and this is cause for concern as many accidents take place because of this.

    5. Many auto drivers smoke while driving.

    6. Many drivers are demanding return fare and mostly they drop and return.

    7. Many auto drivers refuse to ply for shorter distance.

    8. Police do not want to regulate auto's.

    9. Let police charge autos for offences, automatically they will correct by themselves.

    suggestings welcome.


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    Beyond the scope of this portal.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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    Re: Autofare-Tamilnadu

    Mr.Ganpat is trying to shut the topic on grounds of out of the scope of RTI. Let me question Mr.Ganpat. We can question commissioner of Police for not enforcing law. RTO can decline to renew the permits. Traffic Police are checking number plates of motor cycles/cas now. A similiar drive to check all the auto's for meter/fare passenger harassment related matters and charge them. We will see where these auto men go and what they will do. There are 62000 auto in City. 60% on loans, and loans are not repaid to banks. Permits are not issued to every body. Let us fight and we will win. Autos can be regulated.

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    Please enlighten me how you propose to do all the above under the RTI Act. Others may join you.
    Defeat is not final when you fall down. It is final when you refuse to get up.

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