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Thread: Second Appeal

  1. Second Appeal

    I had applied for the list of petrol pumps/ gas godowns near crowded places (schools, colleges, banks, etc) to various agencies namely MCD, NDMC, Delhi Univeristy, DDA, Ministry of Petroleum, L & DO, etc. I had filed seperate applications under RTI by depositing the RTI fee individually to all these offices.
    The replies recd. were as follows :
    DDA : No such record is available
    MCD : The question does not fall in our jurisdiction, hence transferred
    Delhi Univ : No reply
    Min of Pet : Application trf to oil agencies
    NDMC : No such record is available
    L& DO : No such record is available

    When I applied for the First Appeal, the reply recd was as follows :
    DDA : Appeal Rejected
    MCD : No reply
    Delhi Univ : No reply
    Min of Pet : Appeal rejected
    NDMC : No reply
    L& DO : Incomplete reply

    What should I do w.r.t. the following :
    (a) Should I apply for the Second Appeal in separate applications appealing against the orders ?
    (b) Or will one application (combined for all agencies) be enough ?

    Pls help.

  2. Re: Second Appeal

    Would you care to let us know the application. It would help us to know why the appeal was rejected, and whether there are grounds to appeal for CIC.

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    Re: Second Appeal

    I agree with Kushal, please let us know the full application
    so that someone on the board can not only anlyse but also help you.

  4. Re: Second Appeal

    May be the one reason regarding rejection of your application i.e. No system exists to find out extension of city/crowd which would be increasing in future in the Ministry, DDA, MCD. It is a very big exercise for the public authority to monitor such issues, however, the same is ambit of the MCD/DDA.

  5. Re: Second Appeal

    please lets us know the case so that we can also apply on same ground in our vicinity.

  6. Re: Second Appeal

    I wanted a list of petrol pumps which are near schools, colleges, markets, etc. for which I applied to the PIO of MCD, DDA, Delhi University, NDMC, L& DO. That was the only thing I wrote in my application

  7. Re: Second Appeal

    I can understand the Delhi University not having any record of such petrol pumps. But still they should have atleast provided a negative reply or forwarded the RTI application to to the oil marketing companies.

    However in my estimation, the DDA cannot claim any ignorance about such petrol pumps. The Planning Department of the DDA is entrusted with issuing of no objection certificate for allotment of land for setting up petrol pumps, in tune with the Master Plan 2001, while the actual allocation may be with some other department of DDA. Hence sufficient records should be available with them.

    If any of our members know more about the powers of DDA in this area, please provide your clarifications.
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  8. Re: Second Appeal

    No one has actually told me what I should do.......we can keep on discussing these things but let me know if I should have one "second appeal" (to CIC) for all these agencies or should I have seperate appeals ?

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