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Thread: RTI; A Powerfull weapon to fight against Corrupt Officials

  1. RTI; A Powerfull weapon to fight against Corrupt Officials

    I beleive in this last 50 years or even more after we have got our independence this is the first time that our Government has sincerely thought of nailing the corrupt officials and has brought this ACT. No doubt the corrupt officials and people in power on the other hand are thinking out ways and means as to how to dilute this act so as not to pass the information regarding the wrong things they do or might do. One of this was not to give information regarding what ever has been dealt on corresponding side before an order has been passed. I beleive we all Government officers who are non corrupt, have nothing to fear from this act and should whole heartedly support this act and make it more stronger.

  2. Very good thought. I am sure this portal will help all officers to gain insight into RTI Act and help the citizens at large.

    Nirmal ji, it was a real nice post.

  3. Eradiction of Corruption is not the Duty of Govt alone.
    In any country when a particular system does not functioning due to corruption or any reason then the same can be improved by the auhorities such as Central Govt, or State Govt or the local bodies. But when the whole system becomes corrupt then the corruption cannot be removed by the Goverment alone. At such a time People of high moral character should unite together for removal of this corruption. It is a well known fact and often discussed by Railway Passengers that constables/Govt Railway Police (GRP) posted on Rly station takes bribes not only from the small vendors selling eatables but also sometimes from the Public. But I ask why do we expect that only Govt should take action against these corrupt officials. These type of corruption could be easily stopped if a few people before whom the constables takes bribe questions him as to why he had taken this bribe. We lack moral courage and I feel we should educate our people to oppose and also report to the concerned Authoritieswhenever/wherever they see corruption and I am sure the corrupt officials who takes bribes will ever dare to take bribe if he is questioned by some people.

  4. Nirmal,

    Good thought. But people do have a wrong notion when it comes to Police. Be it a local police/railway/ anything... Nobody dares !!!

    But one simple thing we all can do is - ask for a bill when purchasing even a 10Rs Pasta. If we feel MRP is too much price for a product, we can negotiate on the price - its a maximum retail price after all... we could get lesser than that also. Many do not know about this. Buying a product without a bill/with more price than it actually deserves is in a way being irresponsible.

    If we can build such simple morals in our daily life, slowly we can gain courage in questioning an authoritative person.
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  5. Readers of this thread might be interested in a very interesting blog by one of our member here:


  6. Thanks Kushal Ji,

    Superb blog... !!!!!!!!
    Must read one !!!!
    Our friend has clearly juiced out the cause of corruption from our very own mentality and way of living itself, instead of the blame game of pointing out the government and officials

  7. Very6 nice thought Latha,
    If we all take bills and ensure that all taxes are paid, it will go a long way in playing our part in strengthening the democracy.

    It is seen many times people resort to Kaccha bill and try to save some money. This act also amounts to corruption though not as severe as we see and hear.

  8. A novel way to fight corruption

    Chennai, April 5: Corrupt bureaucrats long used to making lives of ordinary citizens miserable by demanding bribes for clearing files pertaining to everyday affairs will have to brace themselves for a rude shock the next time they resort to their old tactics.

    A Chennai-based organisation in its bid to fight corruption has launched a novel 'non-cooperation movement' to assist ordinary citizens against those who want their palms greased.

    Whenever an official seeks gratification for his otherwise free service, the commoner could flaunt the zero rupee and make his anti-bribe stance clear, says Vijay Anand, president of Fifth Pillar, a rights group, that has mooted the idea.

    Though designed like a 50-rupee note with all details including Mahatma Gandhi's picture printed on one side, the note displays in place of the RBI Governor's promise the words 'I promise to neither accept nor give bribe'.

    "You may call it a sort of Gandhigiri. The zero rupee is a non-cooperation movement against bribery," says Vijay Anand. The rights group has also set up dedicated Right to Information (RTI) centres for the first time in India to help people get info under the Right to Information Act.

    Tamil Nadu State Information Commissioner G Ramakrishnan says he feels that the zero rupee is a symbol to express refusal to grease the palms of officials.

    The organisation's ambitious plan is to undertake a campaign through schools, colleges and youth movements.

    Actress, film director and social activist Suhasini Maniratnam, who terms herself a well-wisher of Fifth Pillar, says, "the zero rupee is a sort of emotional blackmailing of bribe seekers."

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