Guwahati: It was a regular Sunday mass at Guwahati's St John's Church - only this time, it was a discourse on Right to Information (RTI) as part of the prayer service.

And the reasons for this aren't hard to find.

Says Father Ravi Sagar, "The church is large organisation that can bring a change. It educates the heart and minds of people."

Part of the anti-corruption campaign initiated by the Catholic church in the Northeast, the RTI campaign is the brainchild of Archbishop Thomas Menamparampil.

"Right to Information is a solution. It's not only financial accountability, but ethical accountability," says Father Menamparampil.

However, many feel that the campaign has to spread its wings beyond just Christians to make an impact.

Says a member of the St John's Church, Michael Brooks, "All religious groups need to be taken into confidence or else this RTI campaign will end up being a movement on paper."

The church's campaign on the RTI is a reflection of the sea change that the society has undergone in the past many years, but it is also a call for greater introspection within one's own self.

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