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Thread: B'lore gets India's 1st 'RTI bank'

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    C J Karira
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    B'lore gets India's 1st 'RTI bank'

    Bangalore: H D Ramakrishna Gowda wants to know when the flyover being constructed in the vicinity of his house will get ready.

    Powered by the Right to Information, Gowda, however, does not go to the Bangalore Mahanagara Palike for the information.
    ”The problem if you go to the BMP is that you can't even enter the campus. There’s a lot of security. People we need will not be there and officials make us run from pillar to post,” says Gowda.

    Instead, Gowda approaches Veeresh Belur. Belur is putting together a library of documents collected by various NGOs under RTI to make life easier for the Bangaloreans. He calls it the RTI Bank.

    “When information is collected and shared, it's optimally used. People need not approach the public authorities for the same information again. It amounts to duplication,” says Belur.

    While documents from the BMP are the first to be put together in this RTI bank, Belur has also started web-based discussion groups to network NGOs for this initiative.

    In case of irregularities, a complaint is filed with the Lokayukta.

    B'lore gets India's 1st 'RTI bank' : rti, right to information, bangalore, rti bank : : CNN-IBN

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    thats one step further in the success of RTI. people are amazing!

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    Has Mr. Veeresh Belur created a website on RTIBank? If yes it URL will of interest to all of us.

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    C J Karira
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    One more RTI Bank in Mumbai....

    Maharashtra may soon have an RTI bank

    Bank will be initially opened in south Mumbai by NGO and Nani A Palkhivala Memorial Trust; latter is already sponsoring former’s RTI clinics in local railway stations

    Mumbai: For those who want to use the Right to Information (RTI) Act but are unaware about procedures, a city-based NGO plans to set up an RTI bank in the state for providing all relevant information under one roof.

    “Due to increasing awareness on RTI, there is a growing urge in people to use it. But many are unaware of the process. We are opening a RTI bank which would be a ready reckoner for such prospective applicants,” convenor of Mahiti Adhikar Manch (MAM) Bhaskar Prabhu told PTI.

    MAM would seek all applications filed under RTI in Maharashtra from the concerned applicants and keep them informed about the progress in their respective cases.

    “We will file all the documents and save the copies under one roof like a bank. The citizens can have access to these documents to know the process of filing applications. This will also help in reducing duplicity of queries,” Prabhu said.

    This will save people and administration’s time and energy as applications of similar nature would reduce. This could result in faster disposal of applications, he added.

    “Most of the queries pertain to the use of funds by corporators, MLAs and MPs. People can improvise their questions by referring to the available documents and seek more information under the same category for the betterment of their ward,” he said.

    The inspiration to start a RTI bank was derived from one of the networking groups of MAM called ‘hum jaanenge yahoo group’ operating on similar lines in Bangalore.

    “We will be implementing its programme at state level,” Prabhu said.
    The bank will be initially opened in south Mumbai in association with Nani A Palkhivala Memorial Trust. The Trust is already sponsoring MAM’s RTI clinics in suburban railway stations. It has already spent Rs25,000 on this campaign.

    “We are talking to the Trust. If they agree, then it could be opened in their own building,” Prabhu said.

    “It is a good idea. In fact, having catalogues like a library would help people in locating the required records faster. Once we get a formal request from MAM, we will put the idea before our board,” Trustee and Member Secretary Shirin Bharucha said.

    “Providing infrastructure won’t be possible. But we can certainly finance them to start the bank,” she said.

    According to State Chief Information Commissioner S V Joshi, with 12,000 RTI applications filed per month, such a concept could help bringing down the numbers.

    “But the wide scope of the Act allows to seek information on any subject. Queries on public issues can reduce as they are common. However many queries are personal and different. So, the numbers may not reduce to a large extent,” Joshi said.

    Maharashtra may soon have an RTI bank - livemint

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    Re: B'lore gets India's 1st 'RTI bank'

    How to Access this RTI Bank?
    Is it Publicly accessible?
    And what's the URL?


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    C J Karira
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    Re: B'lore gets India's 1st 'RTI bank'

    Got the following information:

    (from: [Reader-list] RTI Bank in Bangalore)

    RTI Bank in Bangalore

    For the time being print outs collected from Bangalore Mahanagara
    palike have been kept for the use by genral public. Any body can walk
    in to our Mahithi Hakku Adhyayana Kendra, located at No.54, 17th Cross,
    M C Layout, Vijayanagar, Bangalore and inspect the records. They may
    even take out xerox copy of the documnts at their own cost. About 200
    documents of public importance are on display. Each document contains
    the following parts:

    A) Application filed under RTI Act
    B) Reply received from the PIO
    C) Complaint filed before the Commission/First Appeal u/s 19(1) of the Act
    D) Information received from the PIOs
    E) Orders of the Karnataka Information commission.

    The documents are paticularly being used by Law Students, Management
    Students and other post graduate students for their reference and study
    of implementation of RTI Act. A few Advocates are using the documents
    for their reference. Public Information Officers are also visiting the
    data bank for reference. We even assisted some Public Authorities in
    drafting their suo-moto declaration as laid down u/s 4 1)(b) of the Act.

    A few first appellate authorities are using the documents for their
    reference while disposing off their first appeals. Some of the
    journalists are frequently visiting and making use of the data bank for
    publishing reports. Documents are being used for Educating citizens,
    whoever visits our data bank. Total number of documents held by us is
    approximately 400.

    About 40 complaints have already been filed before the Karnataka
    Lokayukta based on the information secured from the Public Authorities.
    The information available with us is not digitised as we are shortage
    of space and manpower. We are planning to host a web site in the near

    Apart from the above Mahithi Hakku Adhyayana Kendra is assisting
    citizens in filing applictions, Complaints before KIC and first appeals
    before the Appellate Authorities. Mr. Vikram Simha and myself are
    representing complainants/Appellants before the Karnataka Information
    Commission during hearing of cases. So far we have presented more than
    400 cases before the Karnataka Information Commission since December

    Apart from the above we will be filing atleast Five applications per
    day with various public authorities in Bangalore. Our activities are
    now confined to a few selected public authorities located in Bangalore
    City. The following RTI Activists are at present associated with us on
    a full time basis:

    Mr. Amaresh, Trustee, Mahithi Hakku Adhyayana Kendra
    Mr. Vikram Simha, Trustee, MHA Kendra
    Mr. Gopal, President, Bangalore Nagarikara Vedike
    Mr. K Shivaramanna, Editor, Nudigannada.
    Mr. G Vincent, President, Kengeri REsidents Welfare Assocation
    Mr. Venkatesh Bhovi, Vice President All India Small & Medium News papers Federation
    Mr. Mr. Ravi Reddy, President, Nagara Nagarikara Kriya Vedike, Bangalore.
    Mr. T Ramu, Secretary, Vijayanagar REsidents Welfare Association
    Mr. Lakshmi Narasimhaiah, Deputy Secretary (Rtd.),Govt. of Karnataka.

    Apart from the above all KRIA KATTE members are sharing the
    information/documents collected by them from various public
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