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Thread: My First Appeal

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    My First Appeal

    A reply from Sr Supdt of Post Offices has contradicted his earlier information under RTI Act and so have prefered First Appeal with Appellate Authority Director of Postal Services awaiting outcome
    would like to seek clarifications on this

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    Hello Mukesh, please post the details of your case and the clarifications that you need on it under the thread "Ask for RTI Query". Our experienced members will be happy to provide you the necessary guidance.

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    Moved to RTI General Discussion. As Ganpat said what was the question about; if you share will benefit us all.

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    Re: My First Appeal

    My first RTI question was to Sr Supdt P O about details of Post Offices Shifted/Closed after 1995 in Goregaon
    The reply was Nil
    I had Ministers letter stating 2 Post offices had ben Closed/Shifted
    so along with my First appeal I attached the copy of Letter
    A continuation letter folowed giving me details of 3 Post Offices Shfted/Closed last one being in 2006
    The reason for false answers was that old records were not available
    Now this was done purposely as this closing and hand over of Premises involved corruption
    I wrote a rejoinder to First Appeal with a prayer to recommend the case to CIC
    its over 1 month 3/1/2008 no reply from Appellate Authority.

  5. Re: My First Appeal

    Closing down of Post Offices is the policy decision at the top level approved and executed at the Circle level (State HeadQuaters) and not by Divisional head (Senior Superintendent of Post Offices)

    I am not sure why would you pray for rejoinder for First Appeal, when there is no provision like this. If you are not satisfied with the reply of CPIO and decision of AA, you can file Second Appeal with CIC directly. But as I can see you had already got the reply, and if in case you are not satisfied by the reply, there seems no point in pursuing for Information under RTI Act with AA.

    In any case, the AA has already decided your appeal, which is final and he cannot reconsider his decision. The AA does not have power of review of his own decision.

    Let me know if there is something other than what I understood?


  6. Re: My First Appeal

    I am also unable to understand , in fact would like to know that was it for public utility or services or for something else you are pursuing the case further after getting the almost reply

    Or you want to file some thing against the Postal Dept

    In both the cases you query is resolved

    Now what For ?

    Pl let us know in more details so that understanding your positive intentions we can assist
    Abhinav Bohare
    ....No is Nothing; Knowz Everything

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    Re: My First Appeal

    Yes you are right having the correct information even after getting the wrong one earlier my work is done as far as R T I Act is applicable.
    The point is if I did not had the letter of Minister and kept quite believing the words of PIO it would be misleading information under the Act.
    So can a PIO change his given information by giving totally contradicting Information after knowing that First Appeal has been filled?
    I am not interested in penalty, so would not go for appeal with CIC.
    Any way b'cause of RTI i got correct information and this will help me to fight out a legal battle for vacating my premises, as instead of shifting PO from my premises they have vacated another Premises which has been bought for redevelopment by a builder in 2006.
    see if we can debate on this issue of misleading and false information given with full knowledge and vested interest by a govt officer.

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    Re: My First Appeal

    The fact remains that a PIO can give wrong or misleading info and get away with it as long as it is not challenged and proved wrong etc. In your case you could do so because you had solid evidence to prove the PIO wrong. Now that chapter is over. IF you want to take that to the logical conclusion you can go on appeal to CIC and ultimately penalty may be levied on the PIO for knowingly furnishing incorrect information, provided you can prove that he did it 'knowingly'. But as already stated by you the PIO says that the records have been weeded out. That is a valid reason.

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