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Thread: Who are information commissioners?

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    Who are information commissioners?

    Just wondering if one knows about who are present CIC and Information commissioners?

  2. All the information commissioner list is available here:
    They are:
    1. Shri Wajahat Habibullah, Chief Information Commissioner
    2. Shri A.N. Tiwari, Information Commissioner
    3. Dr. O.P. Kejariwal, Information Commissioner
    4. Prof. M.M. Ansari, Information Commissioner
    5. Mrs. Padma Balasubramanian, Information Commissioner

  3. Anybody can tell me, how information commisioners are selected/elected or appointed? Who appoints them? Are they monitored? What is the duration of their service once appointed?

  4. Sounds like your preparation for UPSC exams. Nevertheless, you can get all the information from the following link.
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  5. Apart from all the information there you can read about the Information Commissioners appointments and other details at our Online Searchable RTI Act:

  6. Kushal and Ganpat Sirs,

    I went through CIC and RTI act completely. Even saw state wise links too. Now i know whom to ask for everything. Happy that RTI has brought this much level of transparency.


  7. Hello Latha,
    Very happy to see that just three days of intensive browsing has brought in such a lot of transformation in you and you are now bubbling with confidence.
    Keep up this tempo and soon you should be in a position to guide new comers to the forum.


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