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Thread: Where to go next?

  1. Re: Where to go next?

    Quote Originally Posted by pvrai View Post
    I can try the video conferencing facility from Bangalore. But how do I requesting for it?
    Ganpat1956 had provided details in an earlier post above. "Shri S M Shankar Raju with the telephone no. 080-25537123."


  2. Does it mean to say I don't have to take any forwarding note from CIC. Normally this is not the way a government dept.

    ... works!

    Sorry, the sentence was not complete.

  3. Re: Where to go next?

    I would like to inform you on the latest in my case:

    Taking advice of the well meaning participants of this forum. I sent email to IC (;;, informing that due to my old age, recent operation and financial consideration, I couldn't be present for hearing. I asked permission for e-conference. I waited for few months for reply and then sent the same request through post.

    I received no reply. But now I received a mail from CIC that my case has been disposed off. And one of the reason for disposing off the case - I had not attended the hearing !!!

    Finally let me mention that all the email addresses I used are at the official homepage of CIC.

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    Re: Where to go next?


    Sir, can you please reproduce or upload the full text of the mail received from CIC.
    Something very strange here.
    Please also give me the decision number as well as the date of the decision, so that I can check the full decision on the CIC website.
    I tried to search for it but cannot locate it in the list of all decisions between OCT to DEC 2007.
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    Re: Where to go next?


    I got this information :

    <TABLE width="100&#37;" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD align=middle>Action Status</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE>
    <HR><TABLE width="100%">
    <CENTER><TBODY></TBODY></TABLE><TABLE cellPadding=3 width="85%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="20%">Registration No</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%"><TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="30%">CIC/OK/A/2007/00550</TD><TD width="10%"> </TD><TD width="23%">Received Date</TD><TD width="5%">:</TD><TD width="30%">16/03/2007</TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Name</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">Shri V.P. Rai</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Address</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">1789, 5th Main, 9th Cross,, Vijayanagar East,</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%"> </TD><TD width="2%"> </TD><TD width="75%">Bangalore</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%"> </TD><TD width="2%"> </TD><TD width="75%">560040</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Country</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">India</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Citizenship</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">Indian</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Normal or Urgent</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">Normal</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">CPIO</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">..</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%"> </TD><TD width="2%"> </TD><TD width="75%">The Addl. Divisional Rly. Manager,</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%"> </TD><TD width="2%"> </TD><TD width="75%">Bangalore Division,</TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Action-Status</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%">Appeal Disposed of </TD></TR><TR><TD width="20%">Action-Date</TD><TD width="2%">:</TD><TD width="75%"><TABLE width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD width="40%">03/12/2007 <TD width="30%"> </TD><TD width="30%"></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></TD></TR></TBODY></TABLE></CENTER>But when I check the decisions on the CIC website, I do not found any decision dated 03/12/2007 posted on the website. Decisions after this date have been uploaded.

  6. Re: Where to go next?

    Decision is correct:

    Appeal disposed off.

    There are few reasons given for arriving at the decision, but the main point is that, the appellant is no more interested as he has failed to turn up.

    The exact reference number, I will give tomorrow.

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    Re: Where to go next?

    Disheartening News. In case an appeallant is not appearing the case should not be treated as exparte. In my case neither apio chakradharpur Division nor 1st appaellate, Garden Reach, Calcutta acknowledged the application. With what hope I will appeal to CIC. It is not possible by each and every one to attend to CIC New Delhi.

  8. Re: Where to go next?

    The decision no. 1571/IC(A)/2007

    Some salient points I would like to mention in the case.

    Before CIC hearing:

    When I first asked for information, I was asked to pay 5000 and odd rupees.

    I asked for review and the reviewer said that the fees stand.

    I appealed to CIC and they posted my appeal for 29.11.07.

    I never approached the railways after the review decision. Nor did I get any communication from them.

    All the correspondence was sent to CIC.

    At CIC hearing (guessed from the decision conveyed letter)

    Facts of case:

    .... CPIO and the appeallate authority duly responded and asked for deposit of Rs. 50.00 per diskette ....

    intriguing, as the correspondence was before IC.


    .... 5. As the appellant has not responded to the notice for hearing, it is presumed that he is no more interested in pursuing the matter....

    After all the correspondence I sent to them!!

    My request to the forum members is, the battle is not lost. There are good points that have come out of this case. They are:

    The information is available for Rs.50 per disk as committed by railways. The train 2786 is still coming late 18 months after it was declared superfast and charges hiked.

    I request some member to get the arrival information from the control charts -- they cannot be fudged, and approach the consumer forum. With the actual timings of the train, the train can no more be termed superfast, as it was a borderline case earlier.

    'Mere haddion me jaan nahi hain', so I pass on the baton to the younger generation.

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