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Thread: Where to go next?

  1. Where to go next?

    I had sought information for late running of regular Train 2785 Kaceguda - Bangalore from South West Railways. When they refused to give information on rates specified by the RTI act, I approached Central Commissioner (Railways), with my appeal in the month of dec'2006. They sent back my appeal in Feb'2007, for resubmission in proper format. I resubmitted in the prescribed format.

    Now, it's june and I am yet to get enen a word of acknowledgment from CIC, New Delhi. Whom do I approach next ?

  2. Re: Where to go next?

    I am not sure if I understood properly, You re-submitted in format at Central Commissioner (railways) as 1st appeal, and then you mentioned that you did not get the acknowledgment from CIC (Central Information Commission). Well CIC is for 2nd appeal, so can you clarify where actually have you sent the appeal?

  3. Re: Where to go next?

    Sorry, I couldn't make myself understood better first time. I will try again.

    1. I am a regular traveler in 2785. It was made superfast express in last timetable released in July'2007. Consequently, fare was increased as it was now a superfast.

    2. Unfortunately, now due to changed timing, the train was running late every day. Surprisingly, it couldn't even maintain its non-superfast day timings either.

    3. When authorities were approached in the railway, they maintained that train was running punctually.

    4. Fortunately, railways maintain the exact timing internally in their control chart.

    5. I approached the PIO in Bangalore division under the RTI act, to give me copies of timing from the control chart for a period of three months.

    6. The PIO asked me an astronomical sum for supply of this information. No information was given as to how the sum was arrived at.

    7. I begged for a review of PIO orders by the authority above him.

    8. This officer also choose to reiterate the earlier position of his PIO.

    9. I then appealed to CIC(Railways) in New Delhi for suitable direction. The CIC(Railways) after a month sent back the papers to me stating that my appeal should be in specific format.

    10. I resubmitted the appeal in the prescribed format and sent the all the papers back.

    Around 4 months have passed after the last action, but there is a deafing silence. So my earlier post asked - What Next?

  4. Re: Where to go next?

    You must lodge a 2nd appeal with the CIC.
    By the way, there is no CIC (railways). it can only be Appellant authority who hears the 1st appeal.

    You must appeal to the Central Information Commission who is the 2nd appellant authority, and where the conplaint can be lodged. However, as you have said 4 months have passed, you must apply for the exemption as to why you are appealing late.

    Follow the instructions in the FAQ here:

  5. Re: Where to go next?

    When I said CIC(Railways), I meant the Information Commissioner who dealt with Railways. It was Dr.OPK at that time. now the work seem to be bifurcated between the two IC.

    Anyway, I don't think addressing to the right man was the problem as I got a reply back for resubmission under proper format.

    Your advice to send a second appeal would have been taken if the system is perfect !! For people leaving away from the capital, its a big cost to keep resending the appeal. Its very easy for a government organization without accountability to say that they have not received the appeal until and unless you hand deliver and take acknowledgment.

    If an organization claims transparency, then it should enable posting of appeals on its website where the Registration number will be auto generated.

    In the present scenario, you will get a registration number only if it is not filtered at lower level of Dak dealer or office staff. To overcome it you have to be persistent and for that you have to have enough resources. You cannot expect a sleeper class railway traveler to have that kind of resources.

    Any way I compliment you for your e-initiative. I hope CIC also goes for e-governance but modifying the website with less of self glorification on the site in the way of photographs and achievement of the IC's and interactive site.

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    C J Karira
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    Re: Where to go next?

    P V Rai,

    You have raised a very good issue !

    The railways have been congratulated by all and sundry in increased revenue, but unfortunately they are just backstabbing consumers and taking them for a "ride" (pun intended)

    Several issues regarding the Railways are being raised by commuters/travellers and we must find a good way to use RTI Act to highlight these issues:

    1. As you said, late running of trains
    2. Conversion of normal Express trains to Super Fast status,
    charging travellers extra "superfast charges" and infact slowing down
    the train ! (Yes, strange but true).
    3. Increasing charges for e-ticket and i-ticket
    4. Withdrawal of "telescoping" of fares and combining of journey segments
    5. Increase of tatkal quota (and thus trying to "cream" the milk)
    while reducing number of normally booked berths

    Back to your problem with CIC, once the 2nd appeal is submitted, a change in the IC should not make a difference of 4 months.

    I agree with you about all people not having resources, but we have to use whatever means are available with us at this moment.

    Can you please do the following:

    1. Send a email to:
    Shri P KP Shreysaskar
    Under Secretary<?XML:NAMESPACE PREFIX = O /><O:P> </O:P>

    <O:P></O:P>Email :-
    Tele No.:- 26717354

    Fax No. :- 26105027
    <O:P> </O:P>

    <O:P>The Railways fall under him. Outline your case and references , if any, clearly.</O:P>

    <O:P>2. If you do not get a reply say within a wek or so, then lodge a "complaint" with CIC.</O:P>



  7. Re: Where to go next?

    This thread may be of relevance:


  8. Re: Where to go next?

    Thanks Karira, I will do that.

    But it was a undersecretary who sent back my first appeal for resubmission !!

    This is a holiday season. Railways are very powerful during this season. EQ (Emergency Quota) is a tool which they use for "building relationship" with babus of other ministry !!

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