Red tape ties up RTI applicant
9 Jun, 2007 l 0415 hrs ISTlTIMES NEWS NETWORK

PANIPAT: How would you react when you sought information from a government office and that office wrote you back seeking details of the same information you had wanted him to reveal. Yes, an officer in Panipat did the same thing when a workers union leader filed an application under the RTI Act seeking details of the bonded labour released during first two weeks of May.

The application was filed by the state president of Indian Federation of Trade Unions (IFTU) PP Kapur in the DC office on May 17.

The next day, the City Magistrate asking him to provide information about the name of the complainants, dates of the complaints and also the names of the industries owners against whom the complaints were lodged.

PP Kapur has shot off a complaint letter to the chief information commissioner G Madhawan about it and alleged that the RTI Act was being openly flouted by the officers and the information seekers were being harassed without being given information.

In a statement here on Friday, he stated that under the Act he sought information from the Estate Office, HUDA, in Panipat regarding allotment of plots in sector 25 part two and information about the affidavits submitted by the allottees showing them as industrial workers about two months back, but no information has been provided to him so far despite the provision in the act that the information is to be given within 30 days.
Kapur has sought information from Deputy labour Commission, Panipat, Civil surgeon Panipat and Transport Commissioner Haryana on various matters but all in vain.

Red tape ties up RTI applicant-Chandigarh-Cities-The Times of India

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