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  1. The begining of RTI in India: The Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan
  2. RTI application seeks info regarding DGP Madhya Pradesh in his Son NRI Quota
  3. RTI Exposes World bank mal practice in delhi
  4. RTI books two under anti-corruption
  5. Justice through RTI to 90 year old lady in getting her Passport
  6. A case from Tamilnadu
  7. Information law lifts Indian poor
  8. RTI to the rescue
  9. Family uses RTI to get fee refund
  10. RTI ensures widow's victory
  11. How RTI Act came to his rescue
  12. RTI help resolve Property tax after running pillar to post despite court ruiling
  13. 80 Year old gets the pension after RTI
  14. Empowering middle-class, 'rightfully'
  15. RTI in Supreme Court Case
  16. humble tailor who hauled up bmc
  17. RTI unearths corruption in the procurement of medical supplies in a PSU
  18. Citizen uses RTI to get elusive pension
  19. Using RTI to Pull up Fair Price Shops in Kalol Taluka of Gujarat
  20. Karnataka villagers insist on Right to Food
  21. Citizens using RTI to make the administration work according to rule
  22. Rickshawpuller benefits from RTI
  23. Rajasthan villagers use RTI to end woes
  24. Pune Municipal Corporation uses RTI Act to obtain info from ST Dept
  25. RTI revives Panchayat Social Justice Committees in Gujarat
  26. RTI brings justice to man sacked by trust
  27. NRI uses RTI to beat bribe, get refund
  28. JJ told to come clean on Surupsinh
  29. Help from RTI
  30. IIT scholar uses RTI to crack stipend delay
  31. RTI comes to the resue of a battered husband
  32. RTI helped our Housing Society
  33. My First success with RTI
  34. RTI coming to Rescue of an Honest Officer
  35. RTI plea nails smoking ad lie
  36. CA uses info Act to cut MTNL line
  37. RTI switches off billboard
  38. RTI helps woman get her dues
  39. Chandigarh to become India's first smoke-free city
  40. pensioer
  41. 5 Women receive pension by simply attempting to File RTI's
  42. Road warrior shows the way
  43. Nurse uses RTI to get dues
  44. ZP education dept fined under RTI, sits on order for two months
  45. A NGO enacts RTI Act provision being inspired by RTIindia.org members and team
  46. Violation of zonal regulations in Bangalore - is BDA a facilitator or regulator?
  47. Success of RTI activity nullified by the Minister
  48. Actions of public authority msut be supported by law.
  49. Govt. officer conducted election violating HC's Order
  50. Corrupt officer escapes punishment
  51. Right to Information to fight for education
  52. Govt admits IAS officer's extension improper
  53. RTI is development you can see
  54. The o/o Advocate General directed to re-designate PIO and AA
  55. experience with PIO
  56. RTI Exposes Union Minister
  57. 68 years old lady struggling for Pension after applying RTI
  58. Street lights and roads in whitefield area in hyderabad
  59. Income tax refund
  60. RTI applications helped to furnish information regarding corrupt practice
  61. LISTEN to a RTI Punch !
  62. RTI Denied ?
  63. A True RTI Activist
  64. F E A R !
  65. Toilet Septic Tank Cleaning: RTI A Great Succor
  66. When RTI met Gandhigiri
  67. Answer Sheets
  68. Pune Corporation
  69. Patta for land
  70. RTI Act acts as a catalyst to gather evidence
  71. Employee Provident Fund transfer by use of Right to Information Act- Success Story
  72. how to get the status of new ration card which I applied last year?
  73. Wrong RTI reponse!! But PASSPORT PROCESS was finished within few days of that response.Is it right?
  74. RTI Application Format for Vice President's Secretariat
  75. I had filed an RTI application for refund of long due income taxes sometime in early April.
  76. RTI Act is really useful- It can do Miracles!
  77. Success Story - EPF Transfer in Bangalore
  78. Bihar Sic Orders Termination Of Services Of Dse, Bdo, Panchayat Secretary And Mukhiya
  79. RTI clears anomaly in payment account of TNHB allottee
  80. IT Refund using RTI
  81. RTI success with science olympiads
  82. Automatic Compliance with ss7(6)
  83. CALAIM FOR REFUND OF E-tickets
  84. My Little Success Story with RBI
  85. Another step towards e-RTI application
  86. RTI helped my friend
  87. Cooperative Housing Society
  88. Success of rti in drdo
  89. IT Returns claimed - Cheque sent was rejected - ReApplication ?
  90. List of success stories
  91. How We Used RTI Against Unauthorised Construction
  92. Success hmmm... ???
  93. And they have started maintaing Stadium .
  94. Refund from Income Tax
  95. Abnormal fees - Success story
  96. Regarding flouting of democratic authorities in Chandigarh
  97. Sucess Stoties
  98. hip hip hurrah
  99. Public hearing but no listening
  100. Fogging details provided with in one day after filing FA
  101. eignty main holes will be covered by Monday
  102. Swimming pool in stadium given on lease and electric bill is paid by giving playground on rent
  103. whether RTI really effects MCD officials
  104. IT refund received within 1 month
  105. Removal of encroachment, announcement made by authorities.
  106. Did I Filed RTI Correctly For Passport?
  107. Nomination of PIO to Chief Minister's Office
  108. IT Refund using RTI: FUTILE
  109. Success story with EPFO Chennai
  110. Not even a single speed breaker as per IRC norms.
  111. Demolition of Illegal Structure by Municipal Corporation
  112. Finally got passport
  113. Punjba Raj Bhawan misuses UT Guest House
  114. RTI Success with Exim Bank
  115. RTI Act rocks-Just started using it
  116. Can unhealthy and unsanitary condition be used as Life and Liberty matter ?
  117. SIC warned PIO for misbehaviour with applicants
  118. A little success story with postal department
  119. Received my passport within 15 days!!! of the RTI application
  120. Non-Occupancy Charges
  121. Defrauded amount refunded through RTI
  122. Repayment of fixed deposits
  123. Breach of selection process.
  124. society dissolve
  125. Income tax refund - Received by using RTI !
  126. Rti's effectiveness
  127. Shankar Singh: From a tout to an activist
  128. First Appeal : What exactly happens
  129. Passport Verification from CGI NY
  130. Income Tax Refund in two weeks
  132. The effectiveness of the RTI Act
  133. Sec 4 implementation by Embassy of India, Washington DC
  134. Tax refund status request - NOW RECEIVED AFTER FILING RTI !
  135. Proof of service
  136. Locating plot through rti
  137. Income tax refund
  138. RTI proved itself
  139. FIR against top officer
  140. High Commission of India, London, modifies its website..
  141. PF Transferred after Filing RTI application
  142. Use of RTI for exposure of irregularity in Temples managed by Govts
  143. PF received after filing RTI Application
  144. Bank double debit reversed
  145. Thanks thanks .this forum solved my problem
  146. Finally admitted that Sports Associations in Goa are Public Authority
  147. Refund of IT
  148. RTI application worked
  149. RTI information for RPO Hyderabad
  150. information from cantonment board regarding illegal constructions and building plans
  151. I forgot to take copy of my RTI application.What to do?
  152. Impact of RTI
  153. Income tax refund - Now received
  154. RTI the usefull tool
  155. RTI success story with Mangalore City Corporation
  156. success story - RTI aided me with nagarpalika
  157. Land details
  158. Income Tax Refund - Chennai
  159. PMC to help BSNL repair cables fast
  160. Srikapoor
  161. Rti for testing construction quality
  162. To RTI or Not to RTI
  163. suceess story with mansa devi shrine board panchkula
  164. RTI makes things possible in My PF claims
  165. Passport not recived ( passport office Jaipur)
  166. medical council india -marks now received after RTI !
  167. RTI made to get a copy of NC complaint
  168. Regarding PF Transfer & PF Status Online
  169. sucess story of RTI- Passport
  170. PF problem solved with the help of this site
  171. Public Authority directed to pay comensation to the RTI appellant
  172. Big list of defaulters in UT Guest House
  173. Second Appeal
  174. Details about BSNL broadband usage - now solved through RTI
  175. My first experience with RTI
  176. RTI rescues Chembur locals from illegal garages
  177. Fueled by info, UP man seeks more answers
  178. RTI Alerted the Municipal Authority to follow Building Rules and my client benefitted without approaching Court
  179. Provident Fund details of spouse
  180. How to find the name & address of CPIO?
  181. Passport not received
  182. My experiences with RTI
  183. Filling RTI Application in Delhi for query of Passport submitted in Patna?
  184. RTI is ROTI
  185. BSNL says my application does not ask for "information" and is "customer grievance"
  186. It refunds. Success story & practical hints
  187. Exposure of Nari Niketan through RTI
  188. Question Related To Indian Postal Order
  189. CIC orders District Education Officer to publish list of admission for EWS Students under section 4 of RTI Act before 15 Aug 2009
  190. RTI to BESCOM
  191. I received my Income Tax refund within a month
  192. Waiting For RTI Reply For Delay In Passport ...
  193. Passport received after RTI with wrong information
  194. IT Refund-Applied but no receipt of Acknowledgement from CPIO - HYD (Now received IT refund)
  195. approached the Municipal Ward office for corrections in the birth certificates of my daughters
  196. PF transferred
  197. Got Passport Thanks to RTI India
  198. Work done in 5 days through RTI
  200. PF withdrawal settled per EPFO but not really
  201. RTI effect-managing committee is penalised Rs.20,000 for illegal tree cutting in society premises
  202. RTI helps with land woes
  203. designated psot offices for filing RTI application in Pune
  204. RTA replies aid in Consumer case against corporation
  205. Great Help From Mr Suresh Yadav of Grievance cell of RPO Delhi
  206. Magic of RTI Application
  207. Wrong Demolition
  208. 7 RTI so far succefully
  209. RTI success Story - PF transfer
  210. Power of RTI Application
  211. Amazing speed with which RTI works !!!
  212. IT refund from Ward 14 Bangalore - NOW received after long RTI process
  213. PF Amount recieved - after filing RTI
  214. Got Success: reputed Public School to the Prime Minister of India
  215. Maximum RTI Applications in a month in Chandigarh
  216. I got my missed promotion in four months
  217. My first major (interim) success story
  218. Passport Issue
  219. proof of address card - Got throgh RTI application
  220. Justice through RTI
  221. "Srpanch" Suspended at last.
  222. Wife got back job after RTI
  223. got stay order for RTI from Police disposed off and order passed for providing information in 15 days.
  224. suspension of "Sarpanch"
  225. Success with 4 Govt Departmetns in last 1 year
  226. Refund from builder - success due to RTI ?
  227. Due to RTI Application the Halt at Mngalore Junction was restored.
  228. Got IT Refund after filing RTI application
  229. Redtapism and Corruption overcome by using the weapon RTI Act, in Commissioner of Prohibition & Excise, Chennai.
  230. RTI Redirection finally succeeds
  231. Panchayat and rti
  232. Drafting RTI Application regarding Indian Rupee design selection process...
  233. Elections are lucrative for officers but cost a fortune to public funds
  234. Road tax refund from RTO
  235. RTI replaces Investigation in Corruption/Misappropriation
  236. CIC does not display PIO Name Board
  237. Copy of rules regarding acceptance of additional money for issuing circular ticket
  238. Partial success as yet
  239. LPG distributorship cancelled running with fake documents with help of RTI
  240. Success story with msedcl maharashtra
  241. Income Tax Refund success after 13 years - Reason- RTI
  242. Refund of security amount (from RTO alwar rajasthan) after RTI application
  243. New Ration Card in chennai......Success
  244. 2007 Scholarship D.D received from CBSE
  245. Success Story for IT fefund due from AY 1996-97 till 2003-04
  247. CIC directed CAW Cell, Delhi to supply details of bills submitted and asked by complainant
  248. Income tax refunds
  249. MY EPF Claim - Hyderabad EPFO
  250. RTI Works (my experience)