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  1. On 28th Sept the Right to information day.
  2. Ms. Vishaish Uppal ask for information under RTI regarding appointment of the Chief Information Commissioner from PMO
  3. File notings under RTI after debate with section of society: Wajahat Habibullah
  4. RBI sought exclusion from RTI: Govt. doesnot finance us!
  5. RTI exposes 481 transfer requests by mumbai police officials written by MLAs and ministers in just 19 months.
  6. Orissa Pradesh Congress Committee to train Congress Office bearers on RTI
  7. SECRECY IS BRED in the bones of politicians and bureaucrats.
  8. High court charges Rs.500/- for RTI query.
  9. Ahimsa in RTI: Wajahat Habibullah on 1st year of RTI
  10. PM cautions against emergence of 'middlemen' in use of RTI Act
  11. RTI Act: CIC levies penalty against BHU registrar
  12. Now, RTI in school textbooks
  13. Kalam for fusion of e-governance and RTI
  14. Convicted felons are not entitled to use the Virginia Freedom of Information Act
  15. CVC pulled up for not complying with RTI
  16. Activists file RTI on cola row
  17. 1.22 lakhs for accessing information under RTI
  18. Fine time at Mumbai: 2 Officers come under State RTI decision
  19. Citizens not using RTI to expose corrupt dept.
  20. 2 penalized in Gujrat under RTI
  21. M S Bitta moves RTI, asks why security removed 2 days before attack
  22. Under RTI Act, SCIC gets the whip cracking
  23. Gandhian seeks refuge under RTI
  24. Know your RTI through
  25. RTI helpline in memory of manjunath
  26. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose information may be declassified by PMO
  27. Central Information Commission opens up UPSC finally: A landmark judgement
  28. RTI Yought Festival
  29. 5 Government Officers arrested by RTI application
  30. RTI reply: ‘Information to be given in due time’
  31. Rally on Right To Information Act at Kancheepuram
  32. Manjunath Shanmugam Integrity Award
  33. Tamilnadu RTI news
  34. RTI turns costly for Punjab farmer
  35. Inter-American Court Finds Fundamental Right of Access to Information
  36. Can a senior officer fine his subordinates for not furnishing information ?
  37. Govt develops cold feet on amendments to RTI Act
  38. Distressing news from Tamilnadu
  39. NOIDA charging Rs 400 on first Appeal
  40. Information Commission a favoured place for ex-bureaucrats
  41. MP uses RTI to garner orders for his company!!!
  42. A case-study from Chennai
  43. RTI case-study from Karnataka
  44. Sub Judice? It is no bar to RTI Act>
  45. DDA penalised by CIC
  46. Online access to RTI Information.
  47. Consumer activist wages battle for information
  48. Rs 56,268 for info under RTI
  49. Communication snap
  50. RTI Act exposes hospital’s callousness
  51. Time now to enforce RTI: CIC
  52. Simply dial up for RTI
  53. PMO refuses data on Netaji
  54. CIC permits disclosure of question-wise marks
  55. Delhi HC dilutes the RTI Act
  56. RTI ruling puts discoms, DERC at loggerheads
  57. Gujarat BJP legislator Atul Patel was fined an amount of Rs 25,000
  58. Another Dharna by Anna Hazare for RTI
  59. CIC asks applicants not to misuse RTI Act
  60. Post Master General told to explain non-delivery of UPC mail
  61. Benefits of RTI Act underscored
  62. IIT Alumni to step up RTI campaign
  63. 'IOC should clarify on abnormal delay in LPG supply'
  64. Reveal info on empanelment of sr. officers: CIC
  65. DoPT fined for keeping disabled applicant waiting
  66. Research scholar files RTI application
  67. RTI as part of University Curriculum
  68. Asked for information, babus send hate mail (The Telegraph)
  69. Army to set up an independent RTI cell
  70. RTI : some important cases of the year 2006
  71. Maharashtra official fined for delaying response
  72. Legal workshop on RTI
  73. The changing Indian middle class
  74. Right to Information has become a waiting game
  75. GIDC official pulled up for delay in providing information under RTI
  76. CIC gives accused the right to know
  77. No right to trivia, says RTI boss
  78. ‘Public trust is now family affair’
  79. RTI report card: One year of transparency
  80. Noida killings: Residents file RTI petitions
  81. CSR for fiscal responsibility & tax payment
  82. Colleges are under scrutiny now
  83. RTI a dead letter in J&K
  84. Operating parts of inquiry report need to be disclosed: CIC
  85. Seminar on ‘Role of media and RTI’ organised
  86. CIC asks AAI to show cause reasons for delay in RTI redressal
  87. Ex-bar girls to educate sex workers on RTI
  88. The Singur & RTI
  89. A Landmark Judgement
  90. Watch this: Group formed to monitor malpratices during polls
  91. Gateway makeover in controversy again!
  92. SC, CBI, UPSC want immunity from RTI
  93. Dharnas at whose cost?
  94. `RTI Act will help alleviate poverty'
  95. Frivolous' RTI application: CIC objects to them.
  96. Indian American doctor fights for information
  97. 'In J&K, misplaced concerns delay RTI'
  98. student get to see his evaluated answer papers
  99. Kannada Channel to include RTI programme in telecast
  100. MESCOM flouts RTI
  101. BMP falters in sharing information under RTI Act
  102. How corporators spend, drain away your money
  103. CII to hold sessions on RTI Act
  104. Info act stumbles in Andaman
  105. CIC moved on recruitment procedure of High Court
  106. News from Australia
  107. Ministers accused of undermining FOI laws as 30 per cent of requests rebuffed
  108. Nigeria: Information Bill - NBC Warns Broadcasters
  109. BBC told to publish why governors apologized over Iraq report
  110. 'Reveal agreements with highway concessionaires'
  111. In US, Government e-mail is public
  112. You can help keep an eye on officials
  113. RTI Workshop in Chennai
  114. RTI lends teeth to whistleblower
  115. Commitment from govt officials cannot be obtained under RTI: CIC
  116. For GenX, it is important to know
  117. Chhattisgarh puts a chapter on RTI Act in school books
  118. Northern Railways 'disorganized' towards RTI disclosure: CIC
  119. Man behind RTI battles for information on development
  120. AA in Goa tries to intimidate applicant ... in vain
  121. Info Act comes to HC judge's rescue
  122. NTPC plays golden goose for ministry
  123. Process RTI requests within 30 days: CIC
  124. Yeomen service by Manjunath Trust
  125. Informations related to private bodies may be taken from any Govt. Controlling agency.
  126. Information Bill discussed by expert panel
  127. RTI seminar on Feb 2nd at ICSSR- Delhi
  128. Babus send citizen Rs 16.2 lakh bill
  129. Misuse of article 8
  130. INDIA: Maha bags number one slot in RTI usage
  131. College principal gets CIC notice for holding info
  132. Why politicos are cops' best friend
  133. Sir, this exceeds the brief
  134. Rejected in IAS due to disability
  135. Information from the British PMO
  136. Data panel asked for facts-Governor frowns on flurry of complaints against RTI flaws
  137. Seminar on the RTI at Max Mueller Bhawan
  138. Notice to Govt on CIC appointment
  139. RTI can't be invoked for Army's data: CIC
  140. Villagers use RTI to expose SEZ reality
  141. CIC may open floodgates for RTI applicants on Vodafone
  142. Highest fine under RTI Act imposed in Punjab
  143. Freedom of information dilemma for council
  144. Government thinks we know too much, says freedom campaigner
  145. The lord giveth ...
  146. Education Dept defends blocking FOI request
  147. Federal agencies set record lows for FOIA response
  148. MP vows to lead revolt against Parliament secrecy bill
  149. Former Sanawar teacher alleges harassment at the hands of school authorities
  150. INDIA: RTI activists to now act as watchdog over info panel
  151. Top score but IIM will not take her in
  152. 'Flawed' FOI proposals to cost money, not make savings - report
  153. Draft Freedom of Information & Data Protection rules: consultation ends soon…
  154. No One hear Common Man's Grievance
  155. Common Man is waiting for 7 Years for his Posting
  156. Show cause notice served on tahsildar
  157. Goa BJP files cases of corruption against top bureaucrats
  158. How to make a FOIA request
  159. Shabana-Javed to stage morcha against BMC
  160. Ex-Headmaster denied info under RTI Act
  161. MC EO summoned by Information Commission
  162. RTI & riddle of the ashes Nehru received
  163. Orissa NGOs brought under RTI Act
  164. Open government is good for everyone
  165. Access To Public Records Mandatory, Not Discretionary
  166. Right to information service centres
  167. Senior official fined Rs 15,500 for delayed RTI disclosure
  168. Battle of senior Officers hots up at MEA
  169. Capt & Co. lived amidst real ivory towers
  170. Offices continue to flout RTI Act
  171. How fruitful is Info Act?
  172. BU guards cheating tips from RTI
  173. Civic body picks taxpayers’ pockets
  174. CIC asks DDA to appoint officer for ‘deficient’ RTI structure
  175. NIO ordered to meet Telegraph request
  176. Rights body files complaint under RTI Act
  177. ‘PM Relief Fund open to RTI Act’
  178. Info seekers must use decent language: CIC
  179. CIC lands in court battle with BHU
  180. 'Common man unaware of RTI'
  181. GOI ignorant of Netaji's role in freedom struggle
  182. Jain case: disclose file, rules CIC
  183. Govt employee faces music for invoking RTI
  184. DoPT portal "misleads" President`s office on file notings
  185. Farmer bashed up for seeking info under RTI
  186. Hazare approaches SIC against institutes
  187. Of 60, the RTI cell has not answered a single query yet
  188. Councillors promote Hindi at taxpayers' expense
  189. 'Indian missions abroad fall under RTI Act'
  190. Full panel of CIC to decide on documents on Netaji
  191. Professionals Seek 'Right to Information" Law in Nepal
  192. RTI fails to recover file lost in govt red-tapism
  193. Complainant gets compensation under RTI Act
  194. Notice SC PIO for not responding to RTI application
  195. RTI workshop in Ahmedabad on April 12-13
  196. Court fines RTI applicant
  197. Gujarat information panel scores well above Central one: Kejriwal
  198. Undertrial exercises his right to info
  199. It's Still A Wild Card
  200. CIC denies info on premature retirement of fighter pilots
  201. RTI to no avail, disabled waits for PESCO info
  202. Dow wants to pass Bhopal buck to India, letters show
  203. CIC imposes fine on doctor for info delay
  204. Rashtrapati Bhavan denies copies under RTI Act
  205. Cannot intervene in Netaji-R&AW case, says CIC
  206. CIC imposes Rs 25,000 fine on Estate director
  207. Info body gives bio-tech dept a RTI power-punch
  208. RTI Act invoked for job details of two teachers
  209. RTI turns ACR's to APAR's
  210. Co-ops now under RTI
  211. Why do you reject scholars’ research proposals? Govt says: can’t tell you, security a
  212. Dhoni’s neighbours demand stay on his swimming pool’s construction
  213. IAS officer uses RTI to know his job
  214. UGC told to reply to 10-month-old RTI application
  215. Important decision of CIC re Answer Sheets
  216. Delhi HC stays CIC order on Justice Jain's appointment
  217. Forest guards union leader gets notice
  218. Relief for govt as HC stays order under RTI
  219. HC notice to VB officials, Principal Secretary
  220. RTI activists threaten action
  221. MPs want FoI
  222. Stock Exchanges now under RTI
  223. CIC asks J&K chief minister to bring changes in state RTI Act
  224. Campus scripts RTI
  225. The problem — Information bar
  226. CIC notice to Estates Directorate
  227. Speakers query on inquiry report
  228. NUJ Warns FG on FOI Bill
  229. SC to Centre: File Cabinet's report on Chawla
  230. Ankleshwar activist moves MP High Court against dumping of gas waste
  231. Right To Information: Ask And Be Told
  232. RTI workshop In Pune
  233. RTI Act yet to make an impact in Kolkata
  234. RTI to let students view answer sheets
  235. Lax officials’ perks to be cut
  236. CBSE oblivious of re-evalution system: RTI activist
  237. Over 2,500 RTI applications still pending with Delhi Govt
  238. CIC denies info on legal opinions received by Govt.
  239. PMO asked to respond in 15 days over destroyed file
  240. Nearly a dozen border disputes within India alone!
  241. New Zealand = MPs may face more scrutiny of spending
  242. Info Commission set on expansion drive...(Maharashtra)
  243. RTI pleas aim at exposing SEZ norms
  244. Laxities abound in RTI forms
  245. Khan's outcry against Changezi ways
  246. Anil uses RTI to seek info on Mukesh's deal
  247. Fighting for better roads - through information act
  248. ‘Throw light on CM’s darkened house’
  249. Censorship of websites by DOT
  250. PIO tries to "bribe" a appelant !!!