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  1. Right to Information Act
  2. Obligation of Public Authorities
  3. The Complete Searchable Right to Information Act 2005
  4. The Central Information Commission (Management) Regulations, 2007
  5. Instructions for First Appellate Authority
  6. DoPT Circular re List/Inventory of Public Authorities
  7. DoPT Circular re designation of PIO/Mode of payment/Cheque in favour of/application format
  8. DoPT Circular regarding implementation of Sec 4
  9. DoPT Circular re Annual Confidential Reports (ACR's)
  10. DoPT's Guide to Infoirmation Seekers
  11. DoPT Circular re recommendation of alloting 1% of budget wrt Sec 4(1)
  12. DoPT Circular for creating a single point for RTI Applications if more than one CPIO
  13. Starnge Arunachal Pradesh RTI Rules
  14. 6 New CPIO's and 1 AA in CIC
  15. Second Schedule of RTI Act amended
  16. DoPT Circular regarding Disclosure of Information relating to occurrence/event/matter which took place 20 years back.
  17. DoPT Circular - Guidelines for Public Authorities under RTI Act 2005
  18. DoPT Circular on Guidelines for PIO's under the RTI Act 2005
  19. DoPT Memo on transfer of RTI Applications to PMO under Sec 6(3)
  20. DoPT Circular regarding CIC/SIC not allowed to refund RTI Fees
  21. DoPT Circular regarding effective implementation of RTI Act - example of Andhra Pradesh
  22. DoPT circular regarding courteous behaviour towards RTI applicants
  23. Important clarification regarding format in which information is sought.....
  24. DoPT Circular re Sec 6(3) - Transfer of RTI Applications
  25. DoPT circular re clarification of Sec 5(4) and Sec 5(5)
  26. Procedure to be followed while imposing penalty by CIC....IMPORTANT
  27. Public Records Act 1993 and Rules 1997
  28. Record Retention Schedule for Central Government
  29. Manual of Office Procedure...
  30. Guidelines for Government Websites and Email useage/management by Government Offices
  31. Budget allocations for RTI and Implementation Guidelines
  32. RTI Good Practices in Hindi
  33. DoPT warns PIO's and PA's against non acceptance of DD/BC/IPO in favour of Accounts Officer
  34. DoPT Circulars clarifying constitution of Benches in CIC & SIC
  35. DoPT circulates decision of Bombay High Court on definition of "information"
  36. DoPT circular clarifying earlier circular on Sec 6(3) and "collection/creation" of information
  37. New DoPT circular regarding 'file notings' under the RTI Act, 2005
  38. ACR to be disclosed - DoPT circular
  39. Maharashtra Circular - Acceptance of IPO's
  40. Maharashtra Government to hold District Collectors responsible for RTI Implementation
  41. New Pro-active disclosure rules for Karnataka
  42. Gujarat rti rules amended
  43. DoPT OM on no manpower charges and no postal charges
  44. Improving Implementation of RTI - Financial Assistance to State Governments
  45. New 'Anti Corruption' GR by Govt of Maharashtra
  46. DoPT circular on payment of fees by IPO - Central PAs
  47. DoPTs new circular on strengthening the implementation of RTI Act
  48. RTI cell in Ministries Rs 50000 grant
  49. Harmonising of RTI Rules and Fees all over India
  50. DoPT issues clarification on its earlier circular regarding "WHY" in an application
  51. The Karnataka Public Records Act 2010
  52. Government notification on CBI exemption under Sec 24
  53. Weeding out of records in the CIC
  54. DoPT circular on "advice" and "opinion" based on SC judgment
  55. what is the charges payable for seeking xerox copies
  56. Some Important Guidelines from DOPT to setup RTI Cell
  57. J & K Information Commission laid down procedure to file Complaint/ Second Appeal under the J&K Right to Information Act-2009 and Rules-2010.
  58. AP Secretariat Office Manual
  59. DoPT circular on e IPO for NRIs to file RTI applications
  60. DoPT letter and circular for utilisation of RTI funds
  61. Second schedule amendment
  62. Cic recruitment rules
  63. DoPT's om on financial assistance to PA's for setting up RTI cell
  64. Jammu & Kashmir amended RTI Rules 2012
  65. Notification on RTI Rules 2012 appears on DoPT. Website.
  66. Improvement trust functioning without JES, SES, reveals RTI
  67. Latest directive from Mr Ratnakar Gaikwad, Maharashtra State Chief Information Commissioner to various PAs.
  68. Dopt notification - expression of interest - rti monitoring
  69. HP amended RTI act 2006
  70. DoPT's new office memorandum on strengthening RTI act 2005
  71. DoPT's new office memorandum to all PA's - ensure that RTI applicant informed in time about additional fee
  72. DoPT's office memorandum-: Implementation of suo motu disclosure under Section 4 of RTI Act, 2005
  73. DoPT circular on Engagement of three Consultants for RTI Help Desk in the Department of Personnel and Training.
  74. Circular of Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) on Delhi High Court decision in LPA No.618/2012 dated 06.11.2012
  75. DoPT financial assistance to ATIs and SICs for 2013-14 to 2015-16
  76. Suo motu disclosure on official tours of Ministers and other officials.
  77. Online RTI extended to 37 Ministries from August
  78. Jammu & Kashmir: Public authorities to issue orders of designating officers of their departments as PIO as per RTI act
  79. DoPT OM : Disclosure of personal information under the RTI Act, 2005.
  80. DoPTs new guidelines regarding handling of complaints in Ministries/ Departments
  81. RTI Fee in favour of 'Accounts Officer' - can be used in AP
  82. Guidelines for State Governments for facilitating disclosure at district and lower levels of government through suggestive templates for key areas
  83. DoPT : Guidelines on Right to Information Act, 2005 - Updated Version dated 28-Nov-2013
  84. Protection to rti applicant (duty of pio)
  85. OM and other details regarding eIPO
  86. Compendium of best practices on rti
  87. Directives issued by Maharashtra State Information Commission to All Public Authorities.
  88. DoPT Circular on Single Window system for sanction of prosecution for Group A services
  89. DoPT Grants to AITs and SICs for 2014
  90. Report on 9 years of RTI
  91. DoPTs OM regarding uploading of RTI replies on Ministry's portals
  92. DoPT OM on working hours, holidays list etc.
  93. New and latest circular of dopt on standard format of rti reply etc.,
  94. Executive order to publish RTIs received as of Nov 2014 online and the UIDAI
  95. Maharashtra Govt circular on deduction of penalties
  96. DoPT reiterates guidelines for PIOs and FAAs
  97. Circular passed gujarat gov related rti
  98. DoPT seeking public suggestion on supply of information to applicants
  99. આર.ટી.આઇ એક્ટ 2005 ગુજરાતી માં / rti act in gujarati
  100. Dopt circular
  101. DoPT's OM on employee transfer posting information in public domain
  102. DOPT Circular on RTI
  103. Filing RTI application on linee.
  104. DoPT invites Applications for appointment of CIC and ICs in Central Information Commission
  105. DoPT issued format of RTI Reply and method to supply certified copy
  106. DoPT CIRCULAR for improvement of RTI on line portal
  107. Up rti rules 2015
  108. Suo moto disclousre - DoPT directives on action to be taken by Public Authorities.
  109. DoPT seeks comments on Draft OM reg non-disclosoure of personal details of an individual in proactive disclosure.
  110. Circulars
  111. HARYANA--- Charge for RTI application reduced from Rs 50 to Rs 10 ... (See Circular in attachment)
  112. DoPT OM directing measures for strengthening suo moto disclosures.
  113. DoPT Notification - Inclusion of Strategic Forces Command in the second schedule of RTI Act, 2005
  114. Placing details of current and earlier CPIOs/FAAs on websites of Public Authorities
  115. DoPT - Personal details should not be disclosed while uploading RTI Applications/Appeals in website
  116. DoPT Circular on Scores & rankings in public domain