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  1. Mr. Himanshu J. Mehta Vs Employees Provident Fund Organisation, Ahmedabad.
  2. appeal from Shri Pradipta Dutta Vs Directorate of Income Tax (Legal & Research)
  3. appeal from Sh. N. Anbarasan Vs IOB, Chennai
  4. Disc proceedings against other cannot be revealed under RTI
  5. No Provision for redressal of recruitment, transfer, promotions through RTI
  6. Data deleted cannot be asked under RTI
  7. Information cannot be divulged which would impede the process of investigation.
  8. Personal information of thrid party exempt from RTI disclosure
  9. Confidentiality of accounts by bank exempt under RTI
  10. Receipt and Dispatch for RTI cases to be clearly defined in office
  11. Information can only be withheld which can be brought under Section 8(1)
  12. Citizens have right to access file noting under RTI
  13. Full examination under RTI exemption should be done
  14. Service matter which benefit the seeker in court doesnot serve public interest
  15. Disclosure wich impede the process of investigation is exempt
  16. marks percentage to be disclosed in the depatmental exam
  17. evaluated answer copies cannot be disclosed under RTI
  18. IT & Property returns, income tax assessment orders not to be disclosed.
  19. After expiry of preservation period the information cannot be disclosed.
  20. DPC proceedings not to be disclosed
  21. organizations are barred to get information
  22. The details of Leave Travel Concession are not exempt
  23. Evaluated Answer scripts are not confidential: A landmark judgement
  24. framing of rules did not fall within the purview of the Commission
  25. Issue of compensation not under RTI but under consumer forum
  26. CIC direct SVNIRTAR to pay for appelant travel expenses for filling 2nd appeal
  27. 'substantially financed' while defining any organization to be Public Body.
  28. File notings of confidential files are exempt from disclosure under RTI
  29. appellant presence during 1st or 2nd Appeal not nessessary.
  30. 'Investigation' not only means Criminal but departmental investigation under RTI.
  31. Information can be disclosed in phases....
  32. Appelants views regarding penalty cannot be considered
  33. Clarification re matters under investigation and sub-judice
  34. Subsidiary of public authority comes under RTI Act: CIC
  35. When FAA's orders are not complied with
  36. Indian Bank Association (IBA) asked to clarify if it is a PA
  37. CIC asks BSNL to show cause for Rs 1 Lakh compensation...
  38. Full Bench Exhaustive decision of CIC on Sec 8(1)(j)....Privacy & Personal Information
  39. If PIO does not follow orders of AA to disclose...
  40. Right to Copies : Chennai High Court Mentions RTI Act, 2005
  41. Applicant can ask for copy of objections filed by third party with PIO....
  42. Volcker Report (Oil for Food Scam) related letter...
  43. DD/BC/IPO can be payable to "Accounts Officer"....for PA under Central RTI Rules
  44. Some important points raised......rejected by CIC because not "information"
  45. Second Appeals against the CIC...some orders by the CIC
  46. Strange order of the CIC......
  47. CIC again passes the "buck"
  48. CIC Mr. Wajahat Habibullah's decision pre-empts denial by PIO......
  49. If citizen does not have access to information already in Public Domain - PIO bound to give under RTI
  50. CIC pulls up Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievance & Pension...
  51. CIC directs PIO to file case against Appellant
  52. Delhi HC PIO and AA represented by a Counsel in CIC
  53. Right to Rebuke/Reprimand
  54. Another "toss it back" decision from CIC
  55. CIC Mr. Wajahat Habibullah finally allows access to property returns.........
  56. How to withdraw a complaint/appeal
  57. Disclosure of IIT-JEE Key and Answer sheets allowed ?
  58. CIC views loss of files related to corruption seriously...
  59. Strictures by CIC gaianst misbehaviour of Government Servants with RTI Applicants
  60. Important CIC decision regarding Passports
  61. CIC comments in decision regarding "Proof of Citizenship"
  62. As per GIC decision, the State Bar Councils fall under CIC and not SIC
  63. CIC full bench hearing on matter re CBDT
  64. CIC allows disclosure of procedure adopted for Mercy Petitions
  65. Banking Codes and Standards Board of India (BCSBI) is not a PA
  66. Quotations appearing on every page of CIC decisions...
  67. New web enabled work flow software to be used by CIC....
  68. Details on Rural Postal Insurance Scheme have to be disclosed..
  69. New ways to Present your Case before the Commissions
  70. Compiling information v/s Creating/Generating information....
  71. Stinging Order of CIC against AA in CBDT - Important issues raised...
  72. "Lot of water has flown under the bridge" - but still no penalty !
  73. Information from Debt Recovery Tribunal - Denied
  74. When does exemption to DGIT become applicable...
  75. PIO/PA can also file Second Appeal against order of FAA
  76. Strange interpretation of Sec 18(1) by A.P. SIC
  77. Astonishing analysis of AP CIC orders....
  78. "Human Rights" approach to Sec 24 exempted organisations...
  79. Information Commission Has Jurisdiction To Issue Directions ALLAHABAD High Court
  80. RTI Rules cannot be in direct conflict with the RTI Act - landmark order of the CIC
  81. Distinctioin between University Exams and Entrance exams to Universities - Disclosure of answer scripts allowed in the later case..
  82. CIC asks Secretary DoPT to ensure that DoPT instructions are complied with by all organs of the Government
  83. CIC penalises PIO of CAG for repeatedly passing responsibility to subordinates
  84. How to declare a Public Authority....an important order of CIC
  85. karnataka Info Com-Decisions
  86. decision of IC Shaliesh Gandhi uploaded.
  87. Analysis of orders/decisions of new IC's in the CIC
  88. IC Shailesh Gandhi lets his Second Appeal abate....
  89. Income Tax returns of Charitable Trusts to be treated different from returns from others...possibility of disclosure
  90. AA cannot hear first appeal if he himself passed a order as a PIO
  91. The strangest decision of a IC ever seen !
  92. Marksheets of individual candidates are not third party information
  93. CIC asks RoCS to show cause as to why not compensate for "missing file"
  94. Another file goes missing in RoCS - show cause for penalty and compensation...
  95. Appellate Authority can be recommended for Disciplinary action if he acts like a normal "senior officer"
  96. Information regarding Income Tax refunds...CIC remands matter back to the ITO and disposes the appeal !
  97. Asst. Registrars of CIC signing and giving orders in simple cases
  98. CIC's IC Dixit's blank decision.
  99. Chief Information Commissioner of CIC hears First Appeals in the CIC due to procedural issues...
  100. How long does it take CIC to list a Second Appeal / Complaint
  101. Full bench order of CIC regarding Life or Liberty matters in medical situations...
  102. Rules framed under RTI cannot be inconsistent with the parent Act - Punjab SIC
  103. Sec 8(3) cannot be unilaterally applied for info beyond 20 years
  104. Information regarding issue of caste certficates and entitlement of benefits is in larger Public Interest
  105. CIC refuses to accept date on the envelope as the correct date...
  106. Important decision of cic
  107. Passport details of third party are disclosable under the RTI Act
  108. CIC invites appellant to present his suggestions in the next weekly meeting
  109. CIC issues Show Cause to PIO for misguiding applicant regarding mode of fees
  110. PIO's reply never reaches, FAA never replies to FA/reminder and then CIC also loses the Complaint..
  111. Certain details in the Bill of Entry are disclosable...
  112. CIC passes the buck regarding disclosure of ACR's.....
  113. Details of impounding/extension of passport of estranged spouse can be disclosed...
  114. Can I get copy of reply submitted by PIO in response to show cause notice ?
  115. Indian Railway Welfare Organisation is a Public Authority under the RTI Act
  116. First Appellate Authority cannot review its orders and should give a hearing to the appellant
  117. What happens if a RTI Applicant passes away before getting the PIO's reply ?
  118. Total Wages and Total Remittances to EPFO can be disclosed
  119. "No Larger Public Interest" as a reason for denial of information
  120. What is "delay" and which "information can be disclosed"....?
  121. Does a FAA have powers to decide whether information can be given free of charge as per Sec 7(6) ?
  122. Karnataka SIC issues orders to Police not to visit RTI Applicants
  123. Does the deceased also have a Right to Privacy ?
  124. Appellant is allowed representation or assistance at any stage of first or second appeal
  125. IC Shailesh Gandhi has sought a review of the Full Bench CIC order on Answer Scripts...
  126. DoPT has no powers to give instructions...
  127. Erstwhile FAA's orders cannot be reviewed by the subsequent FAA, Copies of all documents in the RTI process are disclosable
  128. RBI refuses information regarding closure of Cooperative Banks in Gujarat
  129. DoPT clarifies certain aspects of the RTI Act
  130. CPIO cannot approach information Commissioner seeking advice
  131. FAA must give opportunity to be heard, hear the appeal and pass order himself
  132. All India Chess Federation is a Public Authority
  133. IMPORTANT: Societies registered under the Multi State Coop. Societies Act, 2002 are Public Authorities
  134. CIC W Habibullah sticks to his word - issues show cause notice for "obstruction" for non compliance
  135. Lists of those who voted can only be disclosed by application to the competent court
  136. IC M L Sharma clarifies regarding "further fee" under Sec 7(3)
  137. All documents related to the RTI process are disclosable
  138. CIC asks Secretary of CIC to reform procedures and bring the functioning of the CIC in conformity to the expectations of Citizens
  139. Passport is a public document as per Passport Act 1967
  140. CPIO cannot withold information inspite of "No Objection" from third party
  141. Residential Addresses of Officers have to be suo-motu disclosed under Sec 4(1)(b)(ix)
  142. PIO cannot direct applicant to seek permission from different officers to obtain information and rules framed cannot run contrary to the main act
  143. CIC hauls up PIO of Tis Hazari Courts for misinterpreting the RTI Act
  144. Air Force Naval Housing Board (AFNHB) is not a PA under the RTI Act
  145. CIC issues s'Show cause notice" to DoPT officers and threatens action under Sec 166, 187 188 of IPC
  146. CIC Clarifies on "information relating to any private body which can be accessed by a PA" - Sec 2(f)
  147. CIC hauls up SEBI regarding its grievance handling mechanism and its role as a regulator
  148. CIC asks CPIO's to discharge their duty with full awareness that they are the petitioners facilitators
  149. CIC Wajahat Habibullah recuses himself from a matter due to his proximity to Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
  150. CIC orders proper record keeping in the CIC
  151. Can a PA claim vacation from RTI ? - PIO thinks so !
  152. Property Returns - DoPT says yes , but after third party consent. CIC says third party consent only because of involvement of civil litigation
  153. Model Answer Key is disclosable but evaluated answer sheets have to wait
  154. Political parties do not fall under the purvew of RTI ACT
  155. CIC rules that Delhi HC can charge fees for First Appeals
  156. List of members of DPC disclosable
  157. Complaint or Second Appeal
  158. CIC allows disclosure of Mobile Phone details - as a special case
  159. To Review or Not to Review.....Strange order of the CIC !
  160. Details of NPA accounts and their sale are to be disclosed
  161. IC SG lays down exact figures/guidelines to define "substantial" etc....
  162. How Central & State Information Commissioners (CICs / SICs) screw up your RTI Second Appeal
  163. Can CIC say that it is not in a position to investigate allegations of harrasment due to RTI ?
  164. Fix costs on adjournments in courts
  165. high court madras on salary details of psu employee
  166. CIC decission
  167. Applicants allowed to check status of petitions with Public Authorities - under RTI
  168. Penalty by CIC for sec 4 violation
  169. CIC ignores it's own rules !
  170. CIC orders Rs. 20,000 compensation due to poor record keeping in PNB
  171. Is 8 days delay within "reasonable clause" ?
  172. SIC decision to compensate the applicant two times for delay
  173. Delay in transfer of application under Sec 6(3) cannot result in Penalty...Bye Bye Sec 6(3)
  174. Penalty converted to Disciplinary Action
  175. Orders regarding Disciplinary proceedings should be in the Public Domain
  176. The benefit of sending several copies of appeals !!
  177. Certain details about Loans given with interest subsidy are disclosable
  178. CIC can ask PIO to submit sworn affidavit regarding non availability of a document
  179. Copies of CIBIL reports obtained by Banks are disclosable
  180. MP's/MLA's/Council members/Panchayat Members are not PA's under RTI Act
  181. Income Tax returns and assessment orders not exempt under sec 8(1)(j)!
  182. Details of one time settlement of loans to be disclosed
  183. CIC rules that assets declarations of public servants cannot be exempted under Sec 8(1)(j)
  184. Can a firm raise RTI query?
  185. Identity of passengers on flights cannot be disclosed under Sec 8(1)(j)
  186. Received/Sent, "Questions", Sec 4(1)(d) and turning entire Sec 4(1) on its head !
  187. CIC starts taking serious view of FAA's not hearing appeals, passing orders and not appearing before Commission
  188. What is the meaning of "OR" in a decision...
  189. Clarifications can be given in order to avoid multiple interpretations
  190. PIO was confused if 30 days were excluding holidays - hence no penalty !
  191. CIC directs recovery of costs from salary of appellant !
  192. Falling between two stools
  193. CIC's orders are speaking orders and cannot be appealed against except by way of writ
  194. FAA of AP High Court and APSIC
  195. Information regarding action taken on tax evasion compalints to be provided
  196. Indian Institute of Banking and Finance is a Public Authority
  197. Information regarding service matters of employee
  198. CIC recommends Disciplinary Action against FAA of MCD
  199. Post Office is not a designated APIO for CIC and "date of receipt" means date of receipt on PIO's desk !
  200. Disturbing decision of CIC
  201. KIC Order - Information to be sent only by Registered Post AD or Speed Post
  202. Payment by IPO/More CPIO's/More FAA's - U Co Bank
  203. Display of CPIO Name Boards / Salary details of all employees - SBI
  204. PIO penalised for not obeying FAA's order to provide information
  205. Appellant requests CIC for hearing by other IC instead of IC SG
  206. Blanket order of CIC directing IT Department to disclose DPC proceedings
  207. ACR's of retired Army officers / OR's
  208. CIC says that if "other law" provides for access to information, applicant should not use RTI.
  209. CIC allows disclosure or relative assessment attached to DPC's
  210. What happens to RTI filed with CPIOof CIC ? ...and the world goes round and round and round and round and...........
  211. Goa SIC's decision on application fee
  212. First ever split decision of the CIC
  213. Defy, Defy and Defy - defy not only the CIC but also the High Court !
  214. Direct Complaints under Sec 18 must be admitted/heard and inquired into by SIC
  215. FAA and SIC should conduct a hearing after issuing a due notice of hearing.
  216. Notes, Notings, margin Notes, Audit Notes, etc. of CAG are disclosable.
  217. RTI facilities and fees for NRI's...
  218. PIO/FAA/ICs read the RTI Act selectively...
  219. Answer Sheets...Important decision of the Punjab SIC
  220. Audited Balance Sheets of Charitable Trusts are disclsoable
  221. Faa pulled up for departmental action.
  222. Action taken by a public authority on a representation has to be informed under RTI Act
  223. CIC asks to see top secret / confidential files related to Indo Pak talks of 1963
  224. Adverse ACR gradings/comments of third parties to be disclosed in exceptional circumstances
  225. Documents procured under RTI are admissible in Court
  226. Information which does not exist in the first place - can it be denied under Sec 8 ?
  227. Day to Day Movement of the file has to be provided
  228. Pleader doing Government work has to directly provide information under RTI
  229. District and Sessions Court to create webpage and also to disclose email ids
  230. Who is responsible for monitoring Sec 4 Compliance ? CIC "reserves" its orders !
  231. Cochin International Airport (CIAL) is a PA under the RTI Act : Kerala SIC
  232. Details of Legal expenses and Monetary awards to be suo-motu disclosed under Sec 4(1)(b)
  233. Property declaration is not a confidential document held by the Government - disclosure allowed
  234. Sapre the rod and spoil the child !
  235. Distrcit Court RTI Rules cannot have exemptions over and above the main RTI Act and FAA cannot review his decision
  236. IDRBT is not a Public Authority under the RTI Act
  237. For Central PAs is it only one subject per application ?
  238. Report to be disclosed under RTI even if DRT denied it to the appellant
  239. Answer Sheets_Madras High Court Judgement
  240. Corpus funds details to be disclosed
  241. CIC penalises 6 officers Rs 25,000 each in one order
  242. India SME Asset Reconstruction Company Ltd (ISARC) is not a Public Authority
  243. IC changing his order for disclosure after a Complaint for "Non Compliance" has been filed !
  244. Names and details of passengers on whom Customs took penal action to be disclosed
  245. CIC asks SEBI to disclose inspection and audit reports by NSE of Brokers
  246. Disciplinary action against public servant for giving Dowry to be disclosed
  247. An Important Matter coming up
  248. To penalize or to not penalize - Decision of Punjab SIC
  249. Action Agains First Appellate Authority under Section 20(2) of RTI Act, 2005
  250. EPFO says it is inacable to provide PF Statements to all members