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  1. New Blogging Segment at RTI India

    I would like to inform you all that RTI India has new Blogging segment which is much stable and organised. It will further provide all our members tools to start their own blog.

    The bad news is that we are not yet been able to transfer all the blogs made previously by our esteemed RTI India ...
  2. Previous attachments of Posts unavailable

    This is to inform you all that due to server movement, we are not able to re-upload the attachements made in the posts. The error will only be noticed once you download the attachement.

    WE are trying to rectify the same and once done, I would inform in my blog.
  3. Appeals from State Information Commission should lie with CIC

    Why state IC should be the final authority.
    Also I think, One should be given the option of directly lodging a appeal or complaint to CIC rahter than SIC

    Updated 11-04-08 at 04:27 PM by madhumita

  4. Shocking Info: Can RTI help

    Seeing a report on Makkal TV this evening reminded me of the tension Sandra Bullock goes through when she finds a bridge supposedly complete has a wide gap in between.
    Today's report showed that Rs.1.5 crores had been sanctioned for mulberry cultivation, production of silkworms and construction ...
  5. Second appeal/Complaint to CIC:GUIDELINES

    I am attaching guidelines and format as per amendment to Central Govt. RTI Rules effective from 31-07-2012

    Updated 12-08-12 at 04:27 PM by jps50 (updating)

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Files
  6. First Appeal For Central Govt:format

    The Right to Information Act, 2005

    First Appeal for Central Govt.

    I.D. No_________ Date: _________ [For office use]


    The First Appellate Authority under RTI Act
    Dept/Office___________________ REGD AD
  7. First Appeal For Central Govt:guidelines

    Guidelines for filing FIRST APPEAL for Central Govt. Information

    1. First appeal has to be filed within 30 days from date of receipt of decision of CPIO by the applicant with First Appellate Authority [FAA].

    If no reply is received within 30 days [35 days if application ...

    Updated 20-03-09 at 01:02 PM by jps50

  8. Ancestral Property - Inheritance

    What is the position of daughters when property is passed on for generations as inheritance from forefathers?
    When a father passes away without leaving a will, insurance money goes to the spouse, and other property (movable/immovable) when self-earned gets divided equally among his spouse and ...
  9. The role of Middlemen in RTI?

    This refers to the news article posted here:
    PM cautions against emergence of 'middlemen' in use of RTI Act

    On the first anniversary of the RTI Act the Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, had cautioned against the emergence of 'professional middlemen' in the use of this Act ...

    Updated 11-05-08 at 01:07 PM by Shrawan

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  10. This is how we are at RTI India!

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    RTI INDIA: Invoking Your Rights. We provide easy ways to request, analyze & share Government documents by use of Right to Information and by way of community support.

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