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    reply is attached
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    Who should be in possession of the cheque book in a Co-op hsg. Society in Maharashtra?
    ( a) Secretary
    (b) Chairman or
    (c) Treasurer
    Please reply soon.
  3. sumedh14's Avatar
    thanks it is most useful
  4. digal's Avatar
    After my rectification request CIC has changed it's Order :

    The Parties, SAIL & NJCS have gone to Delhi High Court against me through two different petitions. The Court has stayed CIC Orders.
  5. Shrawan Pathak's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing.
  6. mahekovoor's Avatar
    it is really a good attempt.

    how do we frame a query in this connection,so that the concerned MP knows that,someone is tracking his activities.
  7. sevekari's Avatar
    It is observed that the PIOs try to hide information rather than give information. All efforts are towards not disclosing the information.
  8. naickers's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by jps50
    IBA is not under RTI Act at present. However a petition to bring IBA under RTI is pending with CIC from May/June 2015.
    Could you please provide more information on the pending file with CIC.
  9. naickers's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by MOHANDAS
    Though its a private body in the event of fulfilling the Sec. 2(h) it will come under the ambit of RTI Act 2005, pl. explore the same from that angle and arrive a conclusion.

    Thank you Shri Mohandas.
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    I am thankful to RTI INDIA for designing an apt logo in this regard.

    My appeal & arguments:

    CIC decision:

    R K Mishra
  11. jps50's Avatar
    IBA is not under RTI Act at present. However a petition to bring IBA under RTI is pending with CIC from May/June 2015.
  12. Yogi M. P. Singh's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by D.T.RATHAVA
    Good information sir
    Hon'ble CIC has passed the order in favour of your friend .Please take a glance of this order
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  14. taurus's Avatar
    In the link given by Karira, no opinions are available . Fine paid by a citizen is not an "information furnished" by a third party. Had the case been taken to its logical conclusion the petitioner would have got the information through SIC or High Court.
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  16. RAVEENA_O's Avatar
    You have picked up and copied this article from this blog by Mr. Mukesh Shukla : Scope of Section 8 (1)(j) of The RTI Act, 2005- 'Privacy' as abuse for claiming exemption
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    Not a question of simple or complex but it is a question of practical or hypothetical.

    [B]Please be practical[/B]
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    Quote Originally Posted by jogeshwar
    I ditto the query. Can we hear the experience of the applicants who have combated the 3 maladies enumerated in the beginning of the blog? As such,Does check and balance method really work?
    I tried to keep is simple. Indeed you can add more to it and it's welcome
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    Priya ji, are the blogs one way traffics?
  20. jogeshwar's Avatar
    Dear Priya j! are the blogs one way traffics?
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