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  1. G.L.N. Prasad's Avatar
    This article was collected from some other published item in MSN India and not my own. Now that RBI has issued fresh guidelines, that directive should also find a place as blog
  2. Shrawan's Avatar
    Post your query as a forum thread rather than as a blog.
  3. G.L.N. Prasad's Avatar
    The best blog with each and every relevant directive enclosed for necessary guidance to members.
  4. Deepak Chugh's Avatar
    I had preferred an appeal to CIC against the orders of CPIO, Railways. After clear cut directions by CIC, the CPIO Railways is still refusing to supply me the information.
    What is the remedy with me??
  5. md.kaivallya's Avatar
    Please verify the genuineness of my driving licence No WB-72/76858/2008 issued by the Alipurdwar RTO (WB).

  6. deepakdang's Avatar
    नज़रिया बदल के देख, हर तरफ नज़राने मिलेंगे;*_ _*ऐ ज़िन्दगी यहाँ तेरी तकलीफों के भी दीवाने मिलेंगे* ❣❣
    ज़िंदगी हसीन है इससे प्यार करो हर रात की नई सुबह का इंतजार करो वो पल भी आएगा, जिसका आपको इंतजार है बस अपने रब पर भरोसा और वक़्त पर ऐतबार करना
    होली का पावन पर्व मंगलमय हो ॥ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ ॐ
  7. Dang's Avatar
    Further developments:
  8. CHITTABARIK's Avatar
    Useful one
  9. chami's Avatar
    I am unable to download the two attachments. I do see that others have been able to view but there is some problem (I can download other files).
  10. CHITTABARIK's Avatar
    reply is attached
  11. shambhu.sharma's Avatar
    Hi, When can we expect to receive the reply on this? I have read term and condition of RTI and it is clear that there is no time line to get reply. Even though, this is interesting topic and is not harming any people so could we expect reply on soonest possible?
  12. shafek0131's Avatar
    Dear Exponent author
    Thank you so much
    Congratulations you have achieved a tremendous knowledge and very helpful inromation
  13. Rajesh Kumar Rti Acivitor's Avatar
    public interest in the information sought by RTI PMO Railway Section 7 ( 1 ) within the ordered letter pending in DLW , Varanasi
  14. A_2manmohan's Avatar
    Who should be in possession of the cheque book in a Co-op hsg. Society in Maharashtra?
    ( a) Secretary
    (b) Chairman or
    (c) Treasurer
    Please reply soon.
  15. sumedh14's Avatar
    thanks it is most useful
  16. G.L.N. Prasad's Avatar
    This suggestion was made in 2008. We Indians, know how to use the system for our benefit, now instead of men filing applications, their wives or mothers or sisters will be signing as they are also citizens. The focus should be on the importance and urgency of information and not on gender.
  17. digal's Avatar
    After my rectification request CIC has changed it's Order :

    The Parties, SAIL & NJCS have gone to Delhi High Court against me through two different petitions. The Court has stayed CIC Orders.
  18. Shrawan's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing.
  19. mahekovoor's Avatar
    it is really a good attempt.

    how do we frame a query in this connection,so that the concerned MP knows that,someone is tracking his activities.
  20. sevekari's Avatar
    It is observed that the PIOs try to hide information rather than give information. All efforts are towards not disclosing the information.
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