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I have filled a R.T.I.appliction before P.I.O. O/O the law secy. govt of jharkhand information has not been furnished,firtst appeal has been filled matter has been reported to the then advisor to the H,E. Governor of state but unfortunatly inspite of all this information has not been given. Under compelling circumstance second appeal prefferd before information jharkhand. The information comission of jharkhand headed by a former law secy. of jharkhand dealing the appeal in a mechanicl manner. The attitude is harrasing for information seeker.The approch of the all who were respnsible for this abnormal and absured delay will become a matter of public debate.


  1. prasad.dhirendra's Avatar
    Mr.Rabindra Prasad aretd.Typist of civil courts Giridih Jharkhand passes away on 18-11-2010 at a nursing home at Giridih for payment of his pension and retirell benefiets R.T.I.petition was filled before P.I.O LAW GOVT. OF JHARKHAND.God save the Govt of jharkhand.
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    Ihave gone through press clipings regarding conduct/highhandedness of information comissioners of jhakhand state information comissision.Shamless.Due to their conduct/miscoduct the temple of justice for R.T.I. may crack from inside.I hope,expect and trust H.E.Governor of Jharkhand will look into the pathatic condition of Jharkhand State information Comissionin right perspectivewhich is headed by a Retd.District Judge.
    God may save information comissision of Jharkhand.
  3. prasad.dhirendra's Avatar
    The P.I.O of law deptt. Govt. of jharkhand send a letter after filing 2nd apeeal that nothing has been done by law deptt on the letter of District&Sessions judge dated 8.2.10 on the pretext that since the merger of clerk and typists of civil courts is takenup.Shamful conduct by the officials of law deptt. of jharkhand state. The employee has passes away without receving his pension and retirel beneifiets due to callous attitude of law deptt of jharkhand.Chief Justice B.C.Basak of patna High Court observed in a rulinng 'Pension is not a bounty but a valuble right vested with a govt.servent but this theme is vanished atleast in the law deptt of jharkhand govt headed by aofficer of the rank of District&sessions Judge. God save the state and pensioners of state?
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    Memoires of a RTI Activist.


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