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Union Leaders & Babus in NJCS took "RESOLUTION" to suppress RTI & CIC order.

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Union Leaders & Babus in NJCS took "RESOLUTION" to suppress RTI & CIC order.

National Joint Committee for Steel industries” (NJCS) , earlier known as Joint Wage Negotiation committee, had been constituted to settle issues of steel workers for wage, amenities & facilities, matters pertaining to increase in productivity & various other issues related to member steel plants in India.

From Employers’ side, it represents high level officers from member steel plants of Bhilai, Durgapur, Rourkela, Bokaro, ISP, ASP, MEL & RINL.

From workers’ side, it is represented by the central trade union leaders of INTUC, AITUC, HMS & CITU along with union leaders of recognized trade unions from above mentioned steel plants.

Emphasize may be made that the NOMINATED union leaders who represent more than one Lakh permanent plus contractor workers, are not directly accountable to the workers. Individually, these leaders do NOT face elections to decide the fate of numerous workers.

2. During a search through internet, I discovered that authorities are rejecting RTI requests for NJCS, by citing some ‘resolution’, which was taken by the NJCS members to conceal information.
I too discovered that the NJCS which uses 80 to 85% of public fund, has been declared as a “Public Authority” by Central Information Commission (Order in Encl #1 )
With the above inputs, I filed RTI (Info Request in Encl#2) to know about the NJCS & it’s accountability towards the affected workers.

3. I was surprised to go through the RTI reply (Encl#3, No.PERS/RTI/CO/13/2064, Dtd 11/11/2013) that, not only the members have taken a written resolution (247th) to conceal information, but also they have reiterated the same resolution (272nd) even after the CIC order!
Interestingly, the ‘Netas’ have taken a unanimous resolution to hide the proceedings of NJCS, to the same workers to whom they represent!

4. At present, RTI Act is the finest of all the Acts that has so far been laid by legislators.
Under section-3 of the Act, ALL citizens have the right to information. And under section-22 of the Act, this Act has an overriding effect of any other law that contradicts the provisions the RTI Act.
Then how could these ‘Netas & Babus’ make a written resolution, that crushes the intent of legislators? Are they supreme over Parliament?
Not only that, even after cognizance of the CIC order (Public Information Officer himself attended hearing) that declares NJCS as a “Public Authority, how the demagogues & bureaucrats reiterate (272nd) the resolution? Can they crush CIC order?

5. I will go for appeals to enforce the CIC decision. I will also make a complaint against NJCS, to comply with the provisions of the Act.
But that will take long time due to the backlogs at CIC. Central Information Commission should take suo motu action, as per provision under section 25 (5)/19(8)(a)of this Act. Under these sections, CIC has the Power to recommend/require to take necessary steps to secure compliance with the provisions of this Act.

(R K Mishra)
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  1. karira's Avatar
    Very very strange and funny at the same time !
    Definitely qualifies for my proposed "Humour in RTI" book.
  2. digal's Avatar
    I am thankful to RTI INDIA for designing an apt logo in this regard.

    My appeal & arguments:

    CIC decision:

    R K Mishra
  3. digal's Avatar
    After my rectification request CIC has changed it's Order :

    The Parties, SAIL & NJCS have gone to Delhi High Court against me through two different petitions. The Court has stayed CIC Orders.


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