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  1. Joining as Community Builder at RTI India

    It has been a great experience for me to join here the world of RTI India. I had been member of RTI India from september 2006, but never came back back to see what was happening here from the past 1 or more year.

    But to my surprise this community has grown leaps and bounds, which I had ...
    My Experiences , General
  2. TA/DA for attending 2nd Appeals

    Whether TA/DA incurred is reimbursible to attend 2nd appeals.I have 3 second appeals pending with SIC,Orissa state and I have to travel 1200kms to attend.Can I claim TA/DA perticularly if my appeal sustains for which I am very optimistic.
  3. Integrity and Climb Up the Seniority Ladder

    by , 15-04-08 at 02:03 PM (Resorting to RTI-A Routine Habit Or A Last resort)
    Like I had written earlier on MN VIJAYKUMAR,he belongs to an extinct species as for as his cadre is concerned.Having said that,its extremely difficult to make objective comments based purely on sensational newspaper news.But it is a well known fact that senior you rise in center services,more and more ...
  4. Appeals from State Information Commission should lie with CIC

    Why state IC should be the final authority.
    Also I think, One should be given the option of directly lodging a appeal or complaint to CIC rahter than SIC

    Updated 11-04-08 at 04:27 PM by madhumita

  5. Previous attachments of Posts unavailable

    This is to inform you all that due to server movement, we are not able to re-upload the attachements made in the posts. The error will only be noticed once you download the attachement.

    WE are trying to rectify the same and once done, I would inform in my blog.
  6. New Blogging Segment at RTI India

    I would like to inform you all that RTI India has new Blogging segment which is much stable and organised. It will further provide all our members tools to start their own blog.

    The bad news is that we are not yet been able to transfer all the blogs made previously by our esteemed RTI India ...
  7. Mode of receiving the required information

    In application form the preferred mode of receiving the required information by the applicant and the cost involved are not provided. In such case in which mode can we expect (registered post / ordinary post / by hand)?:rolleyes:
  8. Seeking Information In Rti A Costly Affair

    The CIC (management) Regulations 2007 says that
    "Before submitting an appeal or complaint to the Commission, the appellant or the complainant shall cause a copy of the appeal or complaint, as the case may be, to be served on the CPIO/PIO and the Appellate Authorities and shall submit a proof ...
  9. Upgradation and server change underway

    I am upgrading and changing the server. This will cause downtime to varying degrees.

    Unfortunately I could not inform prior to the task.

    Kindly bear with me for some time till the upgrade is finished. Many of the features have been disabled and many are removed.


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