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Many a time a user while reading a thread content gets an idea to start a new discussion. But not knowing where and how to post a new thread, ends up into posting into other's thread topic. We call it as thread hijacking and our team are full time involved in protecting the thread starter topic. You may like to read our wiki article here: about:posting-at-other-threads [RTI Wiki]

In order to facilitate easy access for creating new threads at RTI INDIA, we have now new thread button while you are reading other's topic. See the screenshot below.

Screen Shot 2014-05-23 at 5.19.40 pm.png

Earlier we just had 'Reply to thread', but now as you see above your have 'Post New Thread' too.

Hope this new feature shall be useful.


  1. Shrawan's Avatar
    You are doing fantastic work by helping others. I thank You for your efforts.


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