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Thread Starter Info on the Post

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We detailed in our #RTIwiki "Why You Should Start a New Thread" informing that a thread has some unique features:
  • A thread starter is usually the owner of the topic.
  • A thread has certain direction and a purpose which is usually guided by the 1st post in the thread.
  • A thread can be subscribed by the users who finds it important or interesting.
  • Usually a poster inside the thread has subscription enabled so that he easily gets the email informing that there has been a new post in the thread.

Because of these features, there is continuity in the thread and discussions. The responsibility of the thread owner and also the team members is to ensure that the discussions remains around the original thread and do not go hay wire to some other topic.

To highlight the thread owner we have introduced a new feature by which user of the topic shall know who is the thread owner. Please see the screenshot below:

Screen Shot 2014-06-06 at 7.31.38 am.png

We hope that this feature shall help and enable us to keep focus on the topic starter issue.



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