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Quickly read the content of the thread even before opening it

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Starting today we have introduced a new feature over forum. You can quickly view the thread discussion few words and see if you want to open it and read the content. If the matter is not of your interest, you can hop to next one and simply keep the pointer over the thread title.

The screenshot is attached here:

Screen Shot 2014-06-14 at 9.08.36 pm.png

All you need to do is to open any forum, and see the list of threads (as shown in the screenshot above). Take your mouse pointer to the thread title and hold for 2 seconds without clicking it. The yellow box shall pop up displaying the content inside the thread.

Hope it is useful for active members who would like to respond to various queries posted at forum.



  1. RAVEENA_O's Avatar
    Screen shot is not functioning.


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