• Water purifiers ineffective in preventing waterborne diseases, revealed through RTI

      Dr Arvind Shenoy, senior chemical and consumer product researcher, had a hunch that Hindustan Unilever was making exaggerated claims about its Pureit water purifier. His suspicions were confirmed by the NIV which has threatened to take legal action if the company does not correct the advertising

      That the giant multinational company Hindustan Unilever (HUL) has no qualms about misleading people to sell its product was exposed recently, thanks to the RTI Act. It has even been threatened with legal action for making tall claims that its water purifier 'Pureit' kills/removes one crore viruses in one litre of water.

      Mumbai-based Dr Arvind Shenoy, a PhD in chemistry and a consumer product researcher, with 42 years of professional experience in consumer product testing, both chemical and microbiological, decided to invoke the RTI Act on this matter in October 2010. "It all began with their Rs1 crore safety challenge advertisement, in which the HUL proudly tom-tommed about a test report on eight domestic water purifiers by the NIV. According to HUL, the NIV report claimed that its Pureit water purifier, a gravity-fed water filtration device, was the only water purifier that "removed/killed more than one crore viruses from one litre of water (Ek Crore Virus Ek Litre Pani se Maarta Hai)," Dr Shenoy says.

      He explains, "I felt an instant apprehension about HUL's advertising claims. Since NIV was a Government of India (GOI) institution, I sought information under the RTI Act, thrice in 2010. After five months of waiting (he got the information on 25 February 2011), I had all the information, which revealed what I had suspected all along! Indeed, HUL had misrepresented, twisted and blatantly lied to gullible consumers about the quality of the Pureit water purifier. The tone of the advertisements on HUL's Pureit now appears to be a calculated exercise in falsehood and deceit in order to coax as many consumers as possible to buy Pureit."

      The RTI information revealed that HUL was making its water purifier appear 100 times more efficient than what was stated in the report. Dr Shenoy says, "the document procured under RTI makes it abundantly clear that the testing was done with only 0.67x10(5) Hepatitis E Virus (HEV) particles per litre of water and not one crore, that is 1x107 HEV particles per litre of water as claimed by HUL in its advertisements."

      According to information received through the RTI Act, NIV tested eight brands of water purifiers sold in India. The test report was written in the international journal by Vikram Verma and Vidya A Arankalle, both scientists at NIV. (Read the article, "Virological evaluation of domestic water purification devices commonly used in India emphasizes inadequate quality and need for virological standards", from the Journal of Tropical Medicine and International Health.

      The units tested were: Unit 1 - Zero B, Unit 2 - Eureka Aqua Flow, Unit 3 - Orpat, Unit 4 - Krystalle, Unit 5 - Eureka Aquasure on Tap, Unit 6 - Anjali B-Free, Unit 7 - Aqua Plus (hollow fibre membrane), and Unit 8 - Pureit (from Hindustan Unilever).

      By the way, the conclusions of the report should open the eyes of people as to how ineffective the water purifiers in India are. It says, "These same samples showed free and total chlorine levels that were adequate to ensure proper elimination of bacterial contaminants, but were unable to remove pathogenic viruses. These reports clearly document a definite need for a separate, well-defined virological standard for drinking water as well as for the evaluation of water treatment plants and domestic water purifiers.

      (Only abstracts of the news posted here)
      As reported by Vinita Deshmukh at moneylife.in on 27 July 2011
      (Vinita Deshmukh is a senior editor, author and convener of Pune Metro Jagruti Abhiyaan. She can be reached at vinitapune@gmail.com.)
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      1. K C S Kutty's Avatar
        K C S Kutty -
        Tall claims !!
      1. sppataskar's Avatar
        sppataskar -
        A very good effort to stop the people from misleading ad. and looting by the company.--- sppataskar, adilabad- a.p.
      1. Santhanamts's Avatar
        Santhanamts -
        We need to make sure that NIV takes actions against the companies for misleading the public..
        and it must also give advisories to public on precautions need to be taken related to safe drinking water.
        People believe water purifier will gives 100% clean drinking water, which is totally wrong.
      1. ajaybiotek's Avatar
        ajaybiotek -
        Why this was not published in major newspapers. Even after this, Ad is still on air and on print media. Well sometimes it seems that things stops because people who r doing such excellent jobs stops or r stopped taking further steps. 'Sashan aur Prasashan' dono hi samundar me bahane layak he. Thanks atleast I will not buy one.
      1. ajaybiotek's Avatar
        ajaybiotek -
        Companies like HUL should be taken to task on this account. Why law and order authorities can not take action on this misleading and harmful products? Why courts can not take suo motto for such a gamble by HUL?
      1. manoj_iac's Avatar
        manoj_iac -
        Must Read...
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