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    RTI INDIA is a community website devoted for cause for helping visitors in matters of Right to Information. It is not a Government website, nor supported /funded by Government or its any entity or in any way affiliated to Government. RTI INDIA Website is not a PUBLIC AUTHORITY. The site is privately owned and managed. The RTI INDIA forum and various content is delivered by association of people contributing and helping others. RTI India is a free but registration based community driven website with strong and disciplined moderation. There is no physical address of the website. It has it's humble beginning on 28th September 2006.

    The portal has been started to share and bring all cross section of people at one platform; be it officers, Central Public Information Officer, citizens, N.G.O's, RTI Activists, organizations, Researchers and all those who are interested in this evolving subject 'Right to Information'.

    The growth of RTI India forum is primarily based on people participation by analytical and in-depth help to citizens of India by way of interpretation of RTI Act & by the knowledge base of members willing to share and help.

    RTI India is a community Portal and not an organisation or a company in itself. Though RTI INDIA is not an organisation, it is governed by Rules and Procedures, there is division of work and is impersonal. Being an informal organisation, there is independent channel of communications, it has emerged out of mutual relationship and tastes. The various team members looking after the work is purely on voluntary basis mutually agreed upon by the group and are not paid any salary, remuneration or honorarium. There are no written rules which governs the team members. However, there are group norms which each of the team members are bound to observe. They need to read along with the Forum Rules. The owner of the website reserves the right to remove, demote, or add new team members without ascribing any reasons whatsoever. As it is privately owned website, the owner reserves the right to stop, withhold, delete any or full of it's content with with without any notice. The owner also reserves the right to not renew the domain, server or content and allow it to be removed from the server or from the web space.

    In terms of ownership of the domain, data and server is concerned it is Sole Proprietorship of the owner. Owner or anybody having such rights will have the decisive authority and owns all the assets and liabilities of the website.The website is not separate from the Owner who has unlimited liability.

    Each post by the member of RTI India is a treasure of this website; be it a question or the answer.

    [/B]We may provide the technical and developer support to this site, but it remains primarily a People's Movement, of course with some limitation.
    • We cannot let this portal become the place of unfair criticism of the Government, organization, ministries/departments.
    • Also, RTI INDIA cannot or it's content talk against the officer, Department, Ministries, Organization, or the Government except by way of objective interpretation of facts and circumstances.

    To make things absolutely clear, RTI India is not an organization nor is it meant to demean any Government or the Ministry or the organization nor it is meant for crusade against the Government.

    RTI India does not support any campaign against corruption or does any movement against the Government, Organization, Ministries, Department, Units, Government Officers, Government Servants, or any Official or individual citizen. We strongly discourage any posts content propagating the same and we actively pursue moderating such posts made by members of RTI India.

    As can be seen, by direct action we are not part of any anti-corruption campaign, however, we do let and are happy to let the consequence of our community efforts and posts go in furthering good governance.

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    Thank You for visiting.


    RTI INDIA: Invoking Your Rights. We provide easy ways to request, analyze & share Government documents by use of Right to Information and by way of community support.

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