stricture for providing false and misleading information

false and misleading information

Senior citizen was made to run from pillar to post by providing false and misleading information. When the appeal came for hearing at CIC and the misdeed was exposed, the CPIO again requested for 30 more days to trace out the information after spending 9 months over it. Rightly so, the CIC imposed a compensation for the detriment and harassment caused to the appellant on account of this delay and Commission directed the public authority to pay compensation of Rs. 3000/– to the appellant.

Providing false and misleading information

The Fact of the case are as under:
It was confirmed by the representatives of DTL that the information sought by the appellant was in fact held by them but they could not offer
any reasons by way of explanation as to why they had previously stated before the Commission that the information was held by GENCO. It was confirmed that the holder of information is Shri SK Jain, Assistant Manager Finance

After hearing the averments of both parties, Commission passes   stricture   on   Shri   KG   Vishwanathan,   Manager (Finance)/PIO   and   Shri   Vasu   Dev,   Manager   (HRD)/PIO   who appeared   before   the   Commission   in   the   same   matter   on   24 October 2013 and provided false and misleading information to
the   Commission   that   the   information   sought   by   the   appellant was   held   by   GENCO   when   all   along     they   were   in   fact the holders of the requested information. This has wasted the time and resources of the public authority and the Commission and they are warned to be more careful in future. The appellant is a senior citizen who has retired from the services of the public authority and has been running from pillar to post to obtain the requested information which is yet to receive even though his RTI application dated 25 February 2013 is addressed to   the   PIO   DTL   and   as   per   the   provisions of  the  Act,  the appellant   was   intended   to   receive   the   requested   information from the PIO within 30 days of preferring his RTI application.

However more than nine months had elapsed and now the CPIO, DTL   has   requested   for   30   more   days   time   to   trace   out   the information and furnish the same to the appellant.
3. Accordingly, Commission allows 30 days time from today to the   CPIO/Assistant   Manager   Finance,   and   CPIO,   HRD,   DTL   to provide   the   requested   information   to   the   appellant   failing which they will attract penalty.
4. For the detriment and harassment caused to the appellant on   account   of   this   delay,   Commission   directs     the public authority namely DTL to  pay compensation of Rs. 3000/– to the appellant within one week of receipt of the order.

(Smt. Deepak Sandhu)
Chief Information Commissioner
Adjunct to Appeal: No. CIC/DS/A/2013/001281
Appellant /Complainant : Shri S.K. Jain, New Delhi
Public Authority : Delhi Transco, New Delhi
(Sh.G. Srikumar, PIO/HR, Sh. Vasu Dev, PIO(HR) DTL
Sh. Satya Parkash, Asstt.  )
Date of Hearing  : 03 December  2013
Date of Decision : 03 December  2013

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