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DMRC to provide complete list of incidences of Delhi Metro train halts

delhi metro haltsDelhi Metro Rail Corporation are under legal obligation to provide complete list of incidences when Delhi Metro trains services are halted due to technical snag or due to other reasons on all routs/ lines, along with duration of halt and service, free of cost rules CIC. The decision can be downloaded from here!

Does this decision has a wider ramification? Can citizen ask for information about other trains, bus services and also the flights which are delayed or cancelled. Post you views at our forum. Read more ›

Man ran pillar to post to know BSNL complaint redressal mechanism

BSNL complaint redressal MechanismBSNL delayed responding to an RTI applicant by more than one and half years which had sought to know the BSNL complaint redressal mechanism itself and then BSNL provided information a day before the case was listed for hearing at Central Information Commission. Central Information Commission rightly ordered compensation for the inconvenience caused due to non reply of an RTI. CIC found that BSNL could not reply to the RTI application and therefore, in exercise of the powers vested in the CIC in Section 19(8)(b) of the RTI Act directed the department BSNL to compensate RTI applicant by an amount of Rs.750/- for the inconvenience and detriment caused to him.

Under Section 19 (8) (b), “the Central Information Commission or State Information Commission, as the case may be, has the power to require the public authority to compensate the complainant for any loss or other detriment suffered;”

From the CIC decision posted on the website, it is clear that the RTI applicant telephone was not in working order from a lot of time and he had to run from pillar to post to get his telephone put in working order. The consumer then applied under RTI to know the mechanism by which such complaints like his are addressed by BSNL. He applied RTI to BSNL on 17/10/2012 and CPIO provided this information on 1st June 2014 a day before the case was listed for hearing at CIC.

Dr. Haroon Siddiqui from Allahabad after getting fed up with the non working of the phone has applied for

Read more ›

CCTV Footage of failed ATM transactions

failed ATM transactionsCustomers complaining about failed ATM transactions may be entitled to request for CCTV footage which will facilitate fast resolution of complaints, Banking Ombudsman said today. Presently several banks refuse to provide CCTV image of ATM deliberately, asking customers to approach the cops first. They provide CCTV images only after the cops ask.

“With a view to facilitate faster resolution of complaints regarding failed ATM transactions, it has been decided in consultation with National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI) that complaints may be entitled to request for CCTV footage camera image relevant to complaint from acquirer bank (whose ATM is used), Read more ›

Natural death also an employment injury under ESIS

The dependants have full rights to receive entitlements occurring due to natural death while an employee dies during office hours. The ESIS has not been treating natural deaths like heart attack to have been caused due to stress and strain of employment and therefore such claims have been rejected. The Bombay high court ruled that natural death too is an employment injury under ESIS and entitled for all claims.

This ruling regarding employment injury under ESIS is sure to help many who have been denied the due claims from such natural deaths.  In the recent ruling given by Bombay High court having far reaching implications,  it has decided that under Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIS) Act, accident that arose in the course of an person’s employment, it is to be presumed, in the absence of evidence to the contrary, that the accident has arisen out of that employment and the dependents are entitled to get the benefits. Read more ›

What is New Pension Scheme?

On our RTI forum, several queries are received regarding pension, its non payment for years, wrong calculation, non transfer of account from one organization to another and so on. It’s a wide topic but here is an attempt to get some basics clear. New Pension Scheme was initiated with a view to cover non Government work force, however Government initiated it for its own employees w.e.f from 1/1/2004 in order to reduce its pension burden. NPS was thrown open to all citizens of the country from May 1st May 2009 .

  • The New Pension Scheme (NPS) works on defined contribution basis, having two tiers -Tier I and Tier II. Contribution to Tier I is mandatory, for all government servants joining government service on or after 1/1/2004 .Tier II is optional  and at the discretion of government servants.
  • In Tier I Government servant will make a contribution of 10%of his basic pay plus DA, deducted from monthly salary by PAO concerned. Government will make an equal matching contribution. In case of non Government employees government will not make any matching contribution. Read more ›

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